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How to pack for self-storage

In this beginner's guide, we share our top tips on how to pack your items for self-storage swiftly and with care. From having a plan to gathering packing materials, find out how you can efficiently and safely pack now.

A Quick Guide To Moving House With Pets

When transporting your pets to your new home, first and foremost you have to make sure that it is safe for them to travel. Naturally this depends on how long the journey may be, if it is only a short trip down the road, a few hours, or if internation...

Sustainable Packaging for Storage and Moving

As we become more environmentally conscious, individuals and companies are looking out for more sustainable alternatives to traditional methods of packaging, storage and moving materials as a way to reduce waste, help protect the planet, and be more...

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Moving to Oxfordshire? Live in the area and searching for those little hidden gems? Look no further with our quick guide to Oxford!

Moving to Manchester could be the best decision you ever Make

The ultimate guide on moving to Manchester with "locals" interview about the best places to live in Manchester.

Book Self Storage Easily; Saving You Time With is here to transform the way you book self-storage, making it a piece of cake. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to instant information and bookings, all while saving precious time and effort.

Unlocking Peace of Mind: The Price Guarantee

At, we strive to simplify your search for self storage, ensuring it's convenient and economical. With our unique Price Guarantee Process, we provide unmatched value and transparency every time you book with us. Our guarantee ensures you...

Self Storage Fundamentals: What is Self Storage?

Embark on your self storage journey with our comprehensive guide, 'The Self Storage Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know as You Start Your Self Storage Journey.' We cover everything from the basics of self storage to choosing the right unit size...

Top 5 Tips You Need To Know When Booking Self Storage

Top 5 questions to ask when considering self storage

5 Practical Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

We delve into the multifaceted world of self-storage, a solution often overlooked until a pressing need arises. Unveiling five practical reasons why self-storage can significantly enhance your personal or business life, we explore how it provides val...

Monday Morning Meeting Gets Hijacked by Barbie

Excitement hijacked our call as we eagerly await the upcoming Barbie movie. At, we couldn't resist imagining a Barbie self storage scene. Stay tuned; it may soon become a reality!

How much can an 80 square foot storage unit hold? presents a comprehensive guide to help you determine the ideal size self storage container for your needs. This article specifically focuses on the popular 80 square foot steel self storage unit

Savvy Packing for Self Storage

Handy packing tips when using self storage. Advice that will save time and effort, and help to make self storage as stress-free as possible.

Self Storage - A Beginner's Guide

Using self storage for the first time can be a daunting exercise for most of us, not helped by the fact that most people realise they need self storage during stressful time in their lives. is here to make choosing and using the service...

The Language of Self Storage

Helping to make sense of all the words and terms used within the self storage industry.

Elevate Your Self Storage Game: Airspace

Self-storage expert Lizzie Hudson of shares advice for maximizing your storage space. Lizzie's expertise, gained from her own storage journey, sheds light on strategic approaches.

Different Types of Self Storage

An interview with CEO Anna Roberts. A guide to the different types of storage available.

How Much Storage Space do I need for a 4 Bedroom House?

This article explores the storage needs for a four-bedroom house, offering guidance for various scenarios like moving, downsizing, or decluttering. Storage unit sizes ranging from 160 to 200 square feet are discussed based on industry standards.

How Much Storage do I need for a 3 Bedroom House?

The average contents of a three-bedroom house generally fit within a self-storage unit of 120 to 160 square feet. However, selecting the right size involves personal considerations. Minimalists might manage with a 105-square-foot unit, but individual...

How Much Storage Space do i need for a 2 bedroom House?

This article provides insights into determining the appropriate self storage space for a 2-bedroom house, considering various scenarios and needs. It covers factors such as different definitions of "average contents" based on living situations, and s...

How Big is a 100 Square Foot Storage Unit in Reality?

The 100 square foot self storage unit, equivalent to a typical single garage, is a popular and relatable option. This space is often used to store the contents of a two-bedroom house.

Do I Need Self Storage?

Wondering if you need self storage? This article explores the top reasons people rent units, from moving house to storing collections, and weighs up the pros and cons.

A Quick Guide to Boat Storage in the UK chats with boat owner Mike, about boat storage in the UK

How Big is a 150 Square Foot Storage Unit?

A 150-square-foot storage unit can typically fit contents of a 3-bedroom house. Adjust up for more items or downsize for minimalism. Change units if you guess incorrectly.

How Big is a 35 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

A 35-square-foot storage unit is roughly the size of a garden shed, suitable for storing appliances, patio furniture, sports equipment, luggage, and boxes.

What Size Storage do I need for my One Bedroom Flat?

Choosing the right storage size for your one-bedroom flat is crucial. Learn about square footage, ideal sizes, and flexibility in self-storage options on

How Big is a 15 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

A 15-square-foot self-storage unit is approximately the size of a small garden shed, making it suitable for storing items like luggage, several boxes, and even a few appliances. This article explores the dimensions and usage of such storage units.

How Big is a 200 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Explore the size of a 200 sq ft self-storage unit on Demystify self-storage jargon and get expert guidance and tips.

New Starts and Making Space: A Self Storage Checklist

Learn how to navigate life transitions with self-storage solutions. From university-bound students to empty nesters, find the right fit for your needs

How Big is a 25 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Learn about 25 sq ft self storage units in this article. It's perfect for small items, appliances, or seasonal gear. Various storage types are available, with indoor options common.

How Big is a 160 Square Foot Self Storage Unit

What to expect with a 160 sq ft storage unit - enough for 3-4 bedroom house contents. Gives tips on getting more space if needed from storage operators.

How Big is a 10 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

This article delves into the dimensions of a 10-square-foot self storage unit, offering valuable insights into its size and practicality.

How Big is a 20 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Discover the practicality of a 20 sq ft self-storage unit—affordable, flexible, and ideal for small collections or seasonal items.

How Do I Find Self Storage?

Discover how to find self-storage with this comprehensive guide. Learn to determine your needs, search online, use self-storage websites, seek word-of-mouth recommendations, and visit facilities. Plus, explore for an easy one-stop solut...

How Big is a 75 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

This article explains the capacity of a 75-square-foot self-storage unit, ideal for contents of an average two-bedroom house.

How Big is a 60 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Learn about 60-square-foot self-storage units: ideal for one to two-bedroom flats, tips for efficient use.

Help! I Don't Know What Size Self Storage I Need!

Learn to choose the right self-storage size on! Visual guides, size options, and tips for your storage needs

How Big is a 130 Square Foot Self Storage Space?

Discover if a 130 sq ft storage space suits your needs with our guide. Perfect for a 3-bedroom home's contents. Get expert advice at!

How Big is a 175 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Discover the perfect self-storage solution with 175 square feet of space! Explore what it can hold, tips, and more at

How Big is a 40 Square Foot Self Storage Unit or Room?

This blog discusses 40 square foot self storage units, their uses, and types of storage facilities, offering helpful tips.

How Big is a 65 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

A 65 square foot unit suits two-bed flats. Learn about optimizing space, different facility types, and flexibility.

How Big is a 70 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

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Self Storage Insider: Revolutionising Relocation's CEO chats with Lisa Rogerson Founder of Help for Movers, sharing valuable insights into moving house, self storage and the personal touch in customer service and technology.

How Big is a 240 Square foot Self Storage Unit ?

A 240 sq ft self-storage fits 4-5 bedrooms or small businesses. Comparable to 1.5 shipping containers, it offers versatile and economical storage solutions.

How Big is a 250 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Discover the perfect fit! Our guide demystifies 250 sq ft storage units—ideal for homes and businesses.