How Big is a 70 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 6 months ago

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Welcome to this article which is part of the fundamentals series on, giving you all the tips and insight that you need to confidently book the right self storage for you. 

Understanding Storage Space: How Big is 70 Square Feet?

In this article, we're using some comparative examples to help you understand how big a 70-square-foot self-storage unit is.

Converting Square Feet to Square Meters

For our friends on the continent, or for those of you who are more familiar with square metres, 70 square feet is the equivalent of 6.5 square metres. A 70- square-foot self storage unit gives you a handy amount of space to store the contents of a two-bedroom house or apartment. Naturally what somebody might consider an average two-bedroom house or apartment is quite a subjective view and it is based on your opinion and experience. 

Minimalism and Space Efficiency

If you lead a very minimalist lifestyle and you have no outdoor garages or sheds for example and it is just your two-bed apartment, then a 70 square-foot self-storage unit or room is ideal for you. You could even get away with a little smaller, a 65-square-foot self-storage unit or room. 

Going Beyond 70 Square Feet

On the other hand, if your two-bedroom house is ram-packed with things (perhaps you have a prized collection!) then you are going to need a little more space than a 70 square-foot self-storage unit could give you, in which case 80 or 90 square feet would be a better alternative 

Unveiling the Self Storage Space

When we talk about renting self storage we rent it by square feet which is the area of the floor, so the length times the width. However, it's important to bear in mind that you're renting the entire volume of the space. To get the maximum value you can out of it make sure that you stack things on top of each other. If for example, you are storing a wardrobe, you put things inside of it once you have moved it. For more tips on how to pack for self storage, check out our guide here just so you can get down with the self storage lingo, a term I bet you had never heard in your life!

Choosing the Right Self Storage Type

There are different types of self storage, which depending on your circumstances will be more suitable for you. Take a look at our self storage type guide below to briefly familiarise yourself with it. Depending on where you live and where you want to store this will to some extent govern the type of self storage that will be available to you. For example, in larger city centres you will most likely find indoor self storage facilities or rooms as they often call them and you will have a good range of different size self storage units to suit your needs. 

Urban and Suburban Storage Options

A 70 square foot self storage unit or near that size will usually be available. If you live out of town or in a suburb you might find that you have external storage facilities nearby. These look like shipping containers lined up alongside each other, usually surrounded by a secure fence. These are great because you can drive right up to your unit and unload your things in and out as and when you wish. 

External Storage Facilities

The Variety of Sizes

A typical 20-foot-long shipping container which is what you would see on the back of a lorry on the motorway gives you around 160 square feet of space. A little bit more than you would need for your average two bedroom house! However many external self storage operators also do half-size containers at around 80 square feet and quite often these are great value for money meaning that you can afford to be a bit more generous with the amount of space that you need. 

Mobile Storage Solutions

The other alternative to consider is if you don't have access to a vehicle you may wish to try mobile storage. Different mobile storage operators offer space in various sizes from the standard box to an infinite amount of containers. A typical mobile storage container gives around 35 square feet of space. If you need 70 square feet then having two wooden crates or containers as they might also be called, is an ideal solution. 

Warehouse Storage: Ideal for Long-Term Needs

There are many warehouse storage operators where you drive to the warehouse, unload your things directly into a 35-square-foot wooden crate and they will seal it up and forklift it into storage for you. There are also mobile storage operators who provide this service. You then make an appointment when you need to come back and access your things. It is worth noting that this is a great solution for long-term storage needs. 

Balancing Access and Convenience

If you need frequent access to your things then it might be wiser to consider indoor or external self storage that you can access directly yourself without an appointment but there are many options to suit your circumstances and needs.

That's it for now but if you have any questions on this article please contact If you have any questions on this article or comments or suggestions for future articles please get in touch. 

Happy storing :) 

A 70 square foot self storage container

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