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Giving everyone access to the space they need

Our Evolving story

From our very early days helping people store sports equipment, we quickly learned how tricky it was to find, compare and book storage, let alone do it in the evening or on the weekend or on your lunch break. We also heard so many storage operators tell us about how difficult it was for them to get in front of potential customers and to compete with the big players and take instant bookings.

Fast forward through tons of market research & testing, fundraising and development (aka blood, sweat and tears) and here we are today. Explorage is a self storage marketplace designed with both the general public and storage operators in mind. It’s the solution the industry has been calling for and it’s finally here!

Storage is often needed at times of change in your life. Are you moving house or business? Decluttering? Hiding a secret indulgence? Getting married or divorced? Dealing with the loss of a loved one? Setting up a new venture? Going travelling? Taking up a new hobby? Geeking out on an existing hobby (boat owners 😉)?

You get the point - we love that in some small way Explorage makes these times easier for everyone by letting you quickly search, compare and book the self storage you need, 24/7.

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We're Driven To

1. Make lives easier

For some people the concept of self storage is completely new and you might not know where to start. Explorage is trusted by all sorts of customers up and down the country to help them find and reserve the right storage for them.

2. Improve the industry

Self storage is an important part of so many people’s lives and we want to help every operator to reach new audiences, optimise occupancy rates and boost profits. Explorage does this so that they can focus on delivering a great experience on-site. Any questions? Talk to us. We love connecting with people and are happy to help.

3. Create opportunities

We believe that self storage is a great way to open new doors. Whether that’s freeing up garage space to create a home gym, storing equipment for a new hobby, or downsizing to save on your mortgage, self storage can be a cost effective way to do more.

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Fairness, transparency and impartiality are at the heart of everything we do

Founder and CEO Anna Roberts, MRICS, established Explorage and Selfstoragebooker to benefit both customers and storage owners equally, ensuring mutual success.

We streamline the process for customers to find, book, and store their items effortlessly while enabling local storage owners to highlight the unique features of their facilities and increase their sales.