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  • Central Crewe location
  • Forklift assistance on site
  • Safe and secure with Redcare monitoring
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Units available from 15ft2 to 1160ft2

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Self Storage Prices in Crewe

Based on average costs from's storage operators for all of the above results

Storage Type Size Starting at
Indoor Rooms 15 sq ft £1.97 per day
25 sq ft £3.12 per day
50 sq ft £4.93 per day
60 sq ft £5.59 per day
75 sq ft £6.41 per day
100 sq ft £7.56 per day
150 sq ft £8.06 per day
200 sq ft £10.68 per day
400 sq ft £23.67 per day
1160 sq ft £53.26 per day

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Nestled in the heart of Cheshire, Crewe is more than just a hub for trains and transport; it's a town pulsating with heritage, innovation, and community spirit. From families to entrepreneurs, the diverse array of residents in Crewe find themselves needing that additional space to store memories, treasures, and business essentials. And when they do, they turn to the comprehensive digital directory of, the go-to platform for secure and reliable self storage in your postcode.

Crewe & Perfectly Aligned for Modern Storage Needs

Crewe, with its rich industrial history and growth trajectory, encapsulates the essence of change and adaptation. Parallelly, channels the same energy, by innovating the way residents of Crewe discover, evaluate, and engage with self storage options.

1. Real-time Glimpse: Forget outdated lists. With the Crewe storage available on our platform, you'll only see the freshest deals. On, the very best of Crewe’s self storage spaces, available at that exact moment, are showcased for your convenience.

2. Effortless Comparisons: No need to jump between tabs or scribble notes. Compare self storage prices with a single click. Every crucial detail for Crewe storage, from size to self storage prices, from location to cctv amenities, is presented on a unified, user-friendly interface.

3. Direct Bookings, No Delays: Once you've pinpointed your perfect self storage fit, the journey from choice to confirmation takes mere moments on our platform.

4. Assured Digital Safety: Every step you take on is underpinned by cutting-edge security measures, safeguarding your data and transactions.

Crewe's Trust in Rooted in Reliability

In Crewe, where the past and future intersect, personal and business items aren't just inanimate entities. Storage units in Crewe narrate personal stories, encapsulate legacies, and symbolize aspirations. Recognizing this intrinsic value, has become the town's digital ally in safeguarding these treasures.

Transparency is Our Trademark's relationship with the Crewe community is built upon pillars of integrity and transparency. Every self storage facility in Crewe that earns a spot on our platform is rigorously vetted to ensure it aligns with our promise of straightforward, honest dealings.

Embarking on Your Crewe Self Storage Expedition with

As the tales of Crewe unfold and its artefacts multiply, the necessity for a reliable self storage space emerges. is the compass guiding residents through this quest. Delve into a wide spectrum of Crewe storage units solutions tailored specifically for your needs, engage in detailed side-by-side comparisons, and finalize your chosen nook with absolute confidence.

Choosing isn't just about finding a storage spot; it's about connecting with Crewe's creme de la creme of self providers, all of whom are unwavering in their commitment to outstanding service.

In Crewe's dynamic landscape, where history is celebrated and the future is eagerly anticipated, self storage facilities need to strike the right chord between accessibility and security., with its meticulous listings and emphasis on user empowerment, bridges this need effortlessly.

In essence, if Crewe sets the stage for your self storage quest, then is the script ensuring every act, from search to secure, is seamless and satisfying. Dive into our expansive digital platform, where the finest self storage facilities in Crewe stand ready, keen to serve your unique requirements with diligence and dedication.

Business & Personal Self Storage in Crewe

Crewe is home to a variety of businesses and individuals in need of self storage solutions, and thankfully there are several options available in the area. For businesses, self storage units in Crewe can provide a cost-effective way to store excess inventory, important documents, or seasonal equipment. This allows for improved efficiency in the workplace by creating more space and reducing clutter. For individuals, storage units in Crewe can be a convenient solution for storing personal belongings during a move, renovation, or simply for decluttering purposes. You can witness real-time storage prices and compare self-storage to choose the best. Crewe provides a variety of unit sizes for both business and personal self storage, catering to diverse requirements to ensure convenience and security. With competitive pricing and flexible rental terms, self storage in Crewe provides a reliable and practical solution for both businesses and individuals looking to manage their space more effectively.

Types of Storage Units in Crewe

 There are various types of storage units available in Crewe to cater to different needs. Indoor rooms are perfect for keeping valuable and sensitive items protected from extreme weather conditions. These units are often climate-controlled and offer a secure environment for storing items such as documents, electronics, and furniture. Outdoor storage units are ideal for larger items like vehicles, boats, and equipment. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, Crewe has a range of storage options to suit your requirements.

Why Opt for Self-Storage Solutions in Crewe?

How Self Storage Addresses Specific Crewe Area Needs

 Self storage addresses specific Crewe area needs by providing a secure and convenient solution for individuals and businesses with limited space. With the growing population and housing shortages in the area, self-storage offers a way to store belongings or inventory without the expense of larger living or commercial spaces. Additionally, it provides a flexible option for students needing to store belongings during breaks and homeowners looking to declutter or downsize. Self-storage in the Crewe area addresses the demand for space management in a cost-effective manner.

Utilizing Self-Storage Units for Different Storage Needs 

Many individuals and businesses utilize self-storage units for various storage needs. Small business owners, such as Etsy sellers or market traders, often use these facilities to store their inventory or supplies. They provide a temporary solution for storing excess stock or seasonal items. Additionally, self-storage units are also ideal for individuals in need of extra space during a move or renovation. Whether it's for personal or business use, self-storage units in Crewe offer a convenient and secure storage solution for a variety of needs.

What to Consider When Choosing Self Storage in Crewe?

Security Features and CCTV Surveillance in Crewe Storage

Crewe Storage takes security seriously, and that's why our facility is equipped with top-notch security features and CCTV surveillance. Our premises are monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your belongings. With state-of-the-art CCTV cameras strategically placed around the facility, we can closely monitor all activity and keep a watchful eye on every corner. You can have peace of mind knowing that your stored items are protected and secure at Crewe Storage.

Assessing Different Sizes and Range of Storage Units in Crewe

 When assessing different sizes and ranges of storage units in Crewe, it's important to consider the cost and space available. The options range from a 15 sq ft unit at £1.97 per day, to a 200 sq ft unit at £10.68 per day. Depending on the amount of items needing storage, customers can choose between the 25 sq ft for £3.12 per day, the 50 sq ft for £4.93 per day, or even the larger 150 sq ft for £8.06 per day. It's essential to carefully assess the storage needs to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Additional Services Offered by Self Storage Companies in Crewe

 In Crewe, self storage companies go above and beyond in providing additional services to meet the needs of their customers. From CCTV and security fencing to extra high units and van/small HGV access, these companies ensure the safety and convenience of their clients' belongings. With security lighting and management on site, customers can feel at ease knowing their possessions are in good hands. Additionally, forklift and driver services, customer postbox addresses, on site assistance, and padlocks available for purchase are just a few more examples of the comprehensive services offered by these self storage companies.

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Frequenty asked questions

Will there be staff on hand to help me move in?


Lots of storage facilities have staff on site who can help, especially the indoor storage warehouses. Check out the individual operator pages to find out more, or add this to your filter options when searching for self storage.

Is self storage secure?


Most self storage facilities go to great lengths to make their storage spaces as secure as possible - they don’t want problems any more than you do. Members of The Self Storage Association are required to provide a minimum level of security including CCTV systems, a secure perimeter and meeting all fire and safety regulations. To find the best self storage near you, be sure to filter by security requirements when searching.

Can I access my contents whenever I want?


It varies. Many storage facilities now offer 24/7 access, although for some this is a premium service. This will be detailed in their individual listing on Explorage. Some facilities offer access during normal working hours, and some don’t offer access at all and collect/bring your stuff to you. Have a think about what you might need and use our filter options to tailor your search results and find the best self storage near you.

How much does self storage cost?


Like renting a house, the cost of storage can vary depending on the space you need and where you need it. Industry reports suggest an average of £69 a month for a 60ft2 unit, with an average shipping container of 160ft2 coming in around £130 per month. Remove the guessing with our accurate space calculator so you only pay for what you need.

How much does Explorage charge?


Explorage is an entirely free service for people booking storage. A small commission-based fee is collected from the storage business when you move in, much like other marketplaces such as or Airbnb. If you’re a storage operator, check out our pricing page for full details.

Is there a minimum rental time? add

Each storage operator will have their own terms and conditions which will specify the minimum rental period. This is usually a month, but some operators offer shorter terms. Check out the individual operator pages to find out more.

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