Storage Insider: Innovative Technology in the North Wales Tech Ecosystem

By Anna Roberts

Published 5 months ago

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Carwyn Edwards, a Digital Innovation Manager at M-SParc, Wales's first science park located in Gaerwen, debunks this concept and highlights the untapped potential of technology for rural businesses.

In a conversation with Anna Roberts, CEO of, Carwyn shared his thoughts on the rapidly evolving landscape of technology in North Wales: physical distance from urban centres doesn't curb tech adoption; instead, it presents its own unique opportunities.

Technology has run through nearly every industry, transforming the way that we operate, connect, and innovate. But, this digital revolution often seems to skip over rural areas, leaving many businesses struggling to keep up.

Carwyn's insights are valuable given his experience as a Systems and Software Engineer and co-founding his own tech start-up North Wales Tech. He highlights that despite the perceived perception of tech hubs being concentrated in major cities, there's a thriving ecosystem of innovation happening outside of the mainstream:

'One of the reasons I started off North Wales Tech was initially thinking that we don't have that kind of thing in North Wales. We needed to create one and M-SParc, in many respects, is here to foster that as well. But it turned out that you turn over every stone, you get involved and go out there and you find loads of examples, all over the place of little start-up companies in the digital space sector.'

Addressing the Misconceptions

Carwyn encounters the idea that tech start-ups are only viable in big cities. He argues that tech can thrive anywhere, and that rural areas offer its own unique advantages, such as a lower cost of living and a more balanced lifestyle.

The misconceptions stem from the impression that rural regions like North Wales get, those impressions being that the region lacks the infrastructure and support networks for tech start-ups to thrive.


However, technology has gone beyond its geographical boundaries, allowing entrepreneurs to operate effectively from anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud-based tools, collaborative platforms, and remote communication solutions have allowed access to resources, empowering tech ventures to emerge from unconventional locations.

Rural communities possess a strong sense of community and collaboration, providing fertile ground for networking and knowledge exchange. A supportive environment can introduce innovation and further the development of solutions for the specific needs of rural communities.

Solving Real-World Problems

Carwyn noted in his conversation the importance of tech start-ups focusing on solving real-world problems rather than merely chasing the latest trends. He believes that truly impactful tech solutions address the needs of users and make their lives simpler, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Tech start-ups can not only make a positive impact on society but also establish themselves as innovators with a genuine purpose. They can stand out from the crowd by showing a commitment to creating solutions that matter to real people, not just to investors or tech enthusiasts.

Generative Future

Anna asks 'How do you see the future of tech evolving?'

'I think this AI wave has got some '8real legs' behind it. Things are becoming possible now, that have been promised for a long time. They're starting to really show that they are achievable, the AI space. The way people interact with technology will continue to evolve if you think back a handful of years and we started speaking to speakers as opposed to typing things in."

With the recent advances in technology, you could argue that AI now holds the key to unlocking the full potential of ubiquitous computing. Through learning our habits, preferences, and even our emotions, AI systems can adapt to our needs and provide personalised assistance that is both helpful and unobtrusive.

Human-Centred Design

Carwyn emphasises the significance of human-centred design during his interview with Anna. He believes that by putting the user at the forefront of the design process, developers can go onto create products and services that not only function flawlessly but also resonate with users' needs and preferences.

Technology should not be designed for technology's sake; it should be designed to enhance our lives and solve real problems. We can create technology that is intuitive, accessible, and truly transformative.

Technology's future lies not only in devices but also in the development of an environment that is responsive, flexible, and helpful. We can get closer to a time when technology serves as an unseen but necessary ally in our day-to-day activities with the help of specialists like Carwyn Edwards.

Carwyn's insights on the state of technology and the opportunities it presents help to picture the state of technology. Tech businesses and entrepreneurs can navigate this dynamic and constantly changing field with confidence if they have a clear understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Thank you to Carwyn Edwards for sharing his thoughts with us.

You can watch Anna's full interview with Carwyn below:

You can visit the North Wales Tech website and follow them below:





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