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FAQ'S From Our Customers

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Lots of storage facilities have staff on site who can help, especially the indoor storage warehouse/rooms type places. Check out the individual storage listings to see whether they do, or add this to your filter options when you're shortlisted.

Usually not far. If you opt for a container-based storage site you can usually drive right up to your unit. Indoor storage rooms usually have drop of bays and trolleys to help you easily get your stuff from vehicle to the room. Got a special request ? Just get in touch and we can help you out.

This varies depending on the storage facilities, for some it’s 1 week for others 3 months. This information is shown on the Explorage Individual listings pages. Start searching for and shortlisting facilities now.

Most self-storage facilities go to great lengths to make their storage spaces as secure as possible, they don’t want problems, any more than you do. On the Explorage individual listings however, you will see what security provisions each facility has in place. The Self-Storage association requires that its members provide a minimum level of security, these include CCTV systems, a secure perimeter and to meet all fire and safety regulations. Further details are provided here.

It varies. Many storage facilities now offer 24/7 access, although for some this is a premium service. This will be detailed in their individual listing on Explorage. Some facilities offer access during normal working hours, and some don’t offer access at all and collect/bring your stuff to you. Have a think about what you might need and use our filter options to tailor what will suit you best. Alternatively get in touch to discuss what options to go for.

Some storage facilities offer this support, and this information is shown on their individual details. Once you have made a reservation just get in touch to make arrangements. If they don’t offer move in/out services just contact us and we’ll put you in touch with some local removal guys who can help.

We’d love to tell you that all storage includes insurance but currently some storage facilities offer it and some don’t. We show this in their details before you book. Were they don’t, fear not, there’s a link to some standard insurance providers who typically cover the industry and who would be happy to help you out.

Ask yourself how dry is your coat and you’ll get the idea; it depends on the coat. Most “coats” are designed to keep the weather out and certainly shouldn’t leak, but if you go for a super duper Self Storage Association certified “coat” you’ll know that your stuff isn’t going to get wet, (act of god aside) and that the owners will be doing everything they can to ensure your stuff is well vented too. So think about it, does your “coat” need to protect a bespoke “suit” or will a “mac” draped over a “shell suit” do the trick ? Try and avoid selecting storage on price alone and go for the one that suits what your storing and is where you need it.

Like renting a house, the cost of storage can range wildly depending on how much storage you need and where. Industry reports suggest an average of £69 a month for a 60ft2 unit, and an average shipping container of 160ft2 could be around £130, but the best thing to do is simply enter your details above), to get a more accurate indication for what you need.

Explorage is an entirely free service for users. We even pass the deposit on! A small commission-based fee is collected from the storage business when you move in, much like other marketplaces e.g., Airbnb, etc. If you’re a storage facility check out our pricing page for full details.

We get it, many people just aren’t used to buying in quantities of sqft ? I mean how much do you really need to store your favourite collection of spanners, and Nan’s best china crockery ? Check out our “Size Guide” to see some “relatable” comparables. Failing that don’t worry. If it turns out you’ve reserved the wrong size, many storage facilities can move you to a more suitable size unit, just check with them before moving in

Where do you want To Store?

Below are some examples of popular storage areas but use our search tool at the top to find storage where you need it. If you can’t find a facility where you need it – just get in touch and we’ll do the leg work for you and reach out to some local storage providers.

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