Price Guarentee

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"The price you pay booking with is the 'same' as going 'direct' to the storage operator."

Our Commitment to Hassle-Free Self Storage

We want to make your search for self storage as hassle-free and cost-effective as possible. With that in mind, we're thrilled to offer you our game-changing Price Guarantee Process, designed to deliver maximum value and transparency every time you book through us.

The Principle Behind Our Price Guarantee

At the core of our price guarantee is the simple principle that the price you pay when booking self storage through should always be the same as if you were booking directly with the storage provider. This commitment is secured by our network of storage operators, who agree to maintain this pricing consistency as part of their partnership with us.

How Our Price Guarantee Works

  • When a customer books self storage through, they do so in confidence, knowing they are getting the best price available from that storage operator. Our partners are bound by our terms and conditions to honour the same prices they would offer if you were booking directly with them.
  • However, we recognize that in the real world, discrepancies may sometimes occur. If, as a customer, you happen to find that the price you paid for your self storage was higher than if you'd booked directly with the operator, don't panic! has a clear and robust process to address such issues.
  • First, contact us immediately and let us know about the discrepancy. This enables us to investigate the issue promptly and accurately. Our team will ask for some necessary information such as the price you paid, the operator in question, and the direct price from the operator.
  • Following the investigation, if it turns out that the storage operator indeed offered a lower direct price, will honour its Price Guarantee Process. This means, should you book the self storage, we will refund the difference for the first six months of the storage contract, ensuring that you are not out of pocket due to the pricing discrepancy. This is our commitment to you.

Maintaining the Integrity of Our Platform

But what about the storage operator who breached our terms? We are determined to provide the utmost transparency and fairness, which extends to maintaining the integrity of our platform. If a storage operator has been found to breach the price agreement, they will be asked to leave the platform. This ensures we only work with operators who uphold our values and guarantees that all the listings you see on are from trusted, reliable sources.

Why Choose

In a nutshell, our Price Guarantee Process is all about ensuring that you, our customer, receive the best value for your money, paired with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're working with trustworthy partners. We believe that this transparency and commitment to fairness set us apart in the self storage marketplace.

Our journey with you doesn't end once you've booked your self storage; it continues as we strive to ensure you have the most seamless experience possible, free from hidden costs and unnecessary complications. We at are dedicated to making your self storage search and booking process a pleasant and cost-effective experience.

The Price Guarantee Process is just one of the ways we demonstrate this commitment. So why not explore the world of self storage at your fingertips today, confident in the knowledge that you're getting the best possible deal? At, we've got your back.