Storage Insider: Discovering DSOC's Award-Winning Innovation

By Anna Roberts

Published 5 months ago

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Jaqui Jeffries, Explorage (left), Ant Hebblethwaite, DSOC (right)'s Network Manager Jaqui Jeffries recently had the opportunity of speaking with Ant Hebblethwaite from DSOC (Doncaster Security Operations Centre), a business known for technological innovation in the field of security monitoring services.

Their conversation shed light on the evolution and future of security in the self storage market:

Simplifying Security

DSOC is transforming security monitoring. They've moved beyond watching screens to a more dynamic approach. Their control room isn't just about technology; it's about really understanding what customers need and making sure they're safe.

Rising to the Challenge

When the pandemic hit, DSOC didn't just adapt; they thrived. They saw new challenges the pandemic introduced and reshaped their services to better suit the changing needs of self storage facilities. This shows their ability to not just survive but grow in tough times.

Putting Customers First 

Our conversation kept coming back to one thing - the importance of understanding and connecting with customers. Ant's and DSOC's advice is clear: Talk to your security providers. Make sure they're not just there, but they're adding real value.

Tech at the Forefront

DSOC's story is a powerful example of how technology can transform an industry. Their focus on advanced access control and exploring new tech like facial recognition shows their dedication to staying ahead of the curve.

Growing Together

The self storage sector is evolving, and so is DSOC. Their journey is all about growth, learning, and adapting. They highlight how working together within the industry can lead to better service for everyone.

Jaquie askes Ant: 'If you could give a storage operator one piece of advice, what would it be?'

'This is one piece of advice that has disrupted some in others sectors, it has turned them off but in self storage, it's key, it's what has made it work. I think you have got to engage and challenge your existing security suppliers. That sounds quite aggressive, especially the challenge aspects, but what we found is the real service delivery focused security suppliers, they welcome the challenge, they will see it as an opportunity.'

DSOC has gone from hands-on security engineering to becoming a pioneer in cutting-edge solutions.

Are you in the self storage industry and are looking for a security partner that understands your needs and stays at the forefront of technological and security trends? Consider reaching out to DSOC.

Visit their website today or contact DSOC to learn how they can help secure your future.

Contact DSOC: 01302 432343 / Visit Website:

You can watch Jaqui's full interview with Ant Hebblethwaite below:

If you're just getting started in the self storage industry and thinking about setting up a self storage business, be sure to check out the guide: 'How to start a storage facility business'.

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