How much can an 80 square foot storage unit hold?

By Anna Roberts

Published 11 months ago

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An image of a steel storage container containing various household items such as a brown chair, an exercise bike, a filing cabinet, a teddy, a suitcase as well as smaller household items.
A chalk board with a persons hand pointing to a box that says length and width along the sides of it. The formula at the top says length times width equals area. Describing a sqaure foot.

Found yourself pondering the difference between an 80 square feet and a 120 square feet self storage container? You're not alone! At, we understand how puzzling this can be. That's why we've crafted this easy-to-follow guide to help you determine the best size self storage steel container for your needs.

Your Self Storage Quest - Key Factors to Consider

Before diving in, ask yourself - What size do I need, for what purpose and for how long? With a variety of steel self storage unit sizes on the market, you need a clear picture of what can fit inside.

You also have to consider the fact that in the world of self storage we categorise containers into square feet. 

Picture this: 80 Square Feet Self Storage Unit

A 10 by 8 foot self storage container is equivalent to half the size of a single-car garage or garden shed. This neat little box of space, measuring 10 by 8 square feet and rising 8ft tall, is your miniature warehouse offering an impressive 800 cubic feet of storage opportunity.

What Could I Fit Inside an 80 Square Foot Self Storage Steel Unit?

An 80 Square feet storage unit is perfect for people who are living in house shares or small apartments. It's a neat solution for those needing to move the contents of a room into self storage, whilst they are travelling or just needing a space to store belongings whilst they find a new place to call home. 

Imagine the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment. Ideal items to store include a dresser, a small bed, a TV, a dining set and several boxes of your most treasured possessions.

Let's not forget the heavyweights, your household appliances! You can fit a refrigerator, a washing machine, a dryer and even a medium-sized cooker in your ten-foot by 10-foot by 10-foot steel self storage. 

  • Boxes: About about 100-150 boxes could find their perfect spots here like a puzzle. It all depends on your Tetris skills! 
  • Office Equipment: Are you a business owner? This 80 Square foot marvel could double as an efficient vault for your business needs. It can comfortably accommodate around 170 archive boxes boxes or a small office's assortment of furniture and gadgets.
  • Ideal for Etsy Enthusiasts: For Etsy side hustlers with excess inventory or those dreaming of creating their own artisan space, the 80 square foot self storage unit is your storage solution.
  • Antique Lovers and Collectors: For collectors and lovers of antique furniture, an 80 square foot storage unit provides a safe and secure home for your cherished items.
  • Perfect for the Outdoorsy Types: Is your garden shed bursting at the seams? The 80 sqaure foot storage unit could be your saviour. Ideal for storing a range of outdoor equipment, climbing gear, and bikes. It's the perfect solution for outdoors enthusiasts in shared housing or small apartments who want their outdoors equipment close at hand without the storage headache.
  • Business: For those of you with surplus office equipment, important documents, or excess stock, a self storage unit could be really useful. A small office or 200 file boxes could fit into a 80 square foot unit. It all depends on the business you are in. Perfect for e-commerce inventory!

Remember, these estimates depend on how efficiently you pack your items. By smartly using vertical space, otherwise known as airspace, and packing items closely, you can optimise the storage potential of your 80 square foot self storage unit. 

How Many Boxes Can I fit in an 80 foot self storage unit? 

You can fit approximately 50-60 medium size boxes into an 80 square foot self storage unit. Of course, this number will vary depending on the various dimensions of your boxes. If you are looking for advice on space-friendly self storage our Operations Assistant, Lizzie Hudson wrote a whole blog post on packing tips for self storage.

These are approximate figures and the actual number of items that can fit will depend on how efficiently you pack the container. By effectively using the vertical space and packing items closely together, you can fit quite a bit into a 10-foot steel storage unit.

What are you planning to store in your personal 80 square foot self storage unit? I would love to find out! Get in touch with me at

An open door on a storage unit revealing brown stacked chairs, a shelf and a brown single sofa

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