Storage Insider: A Conversation with the Team of S Jones Containers

By Anna Roberts

Published 5 months ago

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Jaqui Jeffries (Explorage) Sarah Green (S Jones Containers), Charlotte Rainey (S Jones Containers), Chrissie Taylor (S Jones Containers)'s Network Manager Jaqui Jeffries had the opportunity of meeting the lovely and dynamic team at the family-owned, Midlands based shipping container supplier S Jones Containers.

Her conversation with Senior Manager of Sales and Hire and Self-Store Departments Sarah Green, Business Development Manager Charlotte Rainey and Account Manager Chrissie Taylor uncovered the fascinating intricacies of the shipping container industry.

Journeys That Shaped Careers

Each member of the team shared with Jaqui their stories of how they came to work at S Jones Containers, each of them in their own way highlighting the welcoming and supportive community and environment that the company fosters.

Sarah's journey started after a shift post-maternity, she shared how her passion for customer service and the company's focus on building relationships sets S Jones Containers apart. Sarah has worked herself up the ladder through the training provided by the company.

Charlotte transitioned from professionally photographing children to then moving on into a sales position selling cremation urns, before finally finding herself with S Jones Containers as she puts it: 'selling a different type of storage container.'

Chrissie's transition from policing to vehicle conversions ultimately brought her to S Jones, a workplace where she felt empowered to pursue her career aspirations, sharing with Jaqui: 'I knew pretty much straight away that it was somewhere where I wanted to work.'

Each of their diverse backgrounds combine to create a remarkable perspective on customer service in container solutions. Their stories, like the containers they sell, highlight the value of adaptability and resilience.

Customer Driven Relationships

Despite the numerous container companies in the industry, Sarah, Charlotte and Chrissie clearly have their own definition of what makes S Jones Containers unique and successful: exceptional customer service.

They each explained that the company prioritises building relationships with its customers, ensuring that their needs are always met. Sarah highlighted: 'The customer is really at the heart of what we do.' 

The team's customer-centric approach sets S Jones Containers apart, focusing on building relationships rather than just making sales. Their emphasis on the customer journey, from enquiry to completion, is what makes them stand out in the industry.

The S Jones Depot Tour

The team discussed various challenges and opportunities they've encountered. Charlotte mentioned the '8S Jones Depot Tour', a unique showcasing of their large depot and conversion work that they offer:

'I personally don't know of many container companies that offer that service. We've pushed it so much more this year since coming into this role because I see it massively as our unique selling point.'

'The sales team so that's your first point of call with S Jones Containers, and then you move out into the yard where we choose the containers for people, we moved on into the design work, the conversion work, you've seen the hauliers taking them boxes, so it's that journey that you would have seen.'

Jaqui found the depot tour really informative and interesting, 'Seeing the whole process from the eyes of a customer was really insightful. It really showed the S Jones values at every stage.'

The conversation naturally turned to the growing issue of container scams. Sarah, Charlotte and Chrissie each described how they have proactively addressed this challenge by educating their customers and providing clear information through the S Jones Containers website and social media channels.

Additionally, the team emphasises the importance of visiting the company's depot to meet the team in person, helping to build that strong and trusted relationship, and securing their safety.

Advice for Storage Operators

Sarah, Charlotte and Chrissie shared their advice for storage operators seeking container solutions. They each have emphasised the importance of thorough research, ensuring that the company they partner with is honest and trustworthy:

  • Do your research: Thoroughly research different container companies and their reputations before making a decision.

  • Visit the company: Visit the company's depot to meet the team in person and get a feel for the company culture.

  • Get multiple quotes: Get quotes from a variety of companies to compare prices and services.

S Jones Containers is a valuable partner for self storage operators seeking reliable and efficient container solutions.


With their exceptional customer service, unique offerings, and commitment to building lasting relationships, S Jones Containers is well-positioned to continue its success in the container industry for years to come.

Whether you need a container for hire, sale, a modular building or expert help with a bespoke project, our team of specialists is on hand to offer you advice and bespoke services, contact the S Jones Containers team today:

Tel: 0808 256 6502


You can watch Jaqui's full interview with the S Jones Containers team below:

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