5 Practical Reasons Why You Need Self Storage

By Anna Roberts

Published 1 year ago

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Happy couple moving house with their self storage issues solved. The blonde curly haired woman high fives her husband.

Many people don't realise self storage exists- until they need it. In this post, I will explore five reasons why you need self storage and how it can enhance your life or business.

It is no coincidence that self storage operators are often the first port of call for people undergoing major life changes. They all have one thing in common. They want peace of mind and reassurance. They may be moving house, creating a nursery for a new arrival, or adopting a nomadic remote lifestyle and going on the adventure of a lifetime. Some of you out there may be partial to decluttering and simply want to be able to enjoy the space in your home again, without the rocking chair that they inherited from Aunt Gladys taking up residence! 

Needing a space to fill a lifetime's worth of precious possessions and memories is serious business. Fancy streamlining your business operations or facilitate a smooth relocation? In today's fast-paced world, self storage has become a valuable solution for individuals and businesses alike. 

1. Moving House - Hassle-Free Moving and Downsizing Solutions

Moving or downsizing is overwhelming for the best of us, but self storage can simplify the process so that you can concentrate on making your new home perfect for you. Securely storing your belongings during the transition means that you have peace of mind and flexibility. Self storage facilities offer convenient access, allowing you to manage the move at your own pace, without the stress of managing all your items and possessions all at once!

2. You just have too much stuff but you can't bear to throw it away....

We are a nation of collectors. In 2019 a study by the Royal Mint revealed that over half of Britons have a collection. 83 per cent collected something in their lifetime and 57 per cent have a current collection taking up space in their home. 

It's far too easy to amass a huge amount of toys, furniture and equipment, especially after raising children who outgrow toys, shoes and other household items across their lifespan at the apparent speed of light.

That's not forgetting the cost of prams and buggies that are often recycled from sibling to sibling. There is only so much recycling one family can do. If there is an age gap between siblings and you know it will come in handy you don't need it just yet, it could be useful to put prams, cots and various-sized bikes in self storage. It will save you money in the long run and the kids will see them as 'new' toys to play with. Then there is the seasonal storage, the Christmas tree and the Halloween wreath and assorted skull memorabilia that is threatening to burst out of a cupboard as you brush past, quite literally.  

3. Declutter and Organize Your Space

Ever heard of the saying 'tidy house, tidy mind' Creating a tidy and organized living environment has never been more popular. There are countless television shows and docuseries all featuring people who are craving the ultimate minimalist, functional and peaceful home. In reality, most people just don't have the time or energy to sort through it all and they don't have a television crew to pitch in. A radical solution is self storage. Short on time and energy? Focus on making your space liveable now and put the unnecessary items away until you have the time to sort through them. Your mental health will be thanking you later. 

4. Crave a Flexible Lifestyle with Self Storage

It has never been easier to up sticks and live a nomadic lifestyle, living out of a campervan and travelling the world ticking off that all-important bucket list. Students can also take advantage of self storage during their summer holidays. If possessions are the only thing stopping you from pursuing your dream then self storage could be your key to ultimate freedom. Quite literally. All of your most precious possessions and belongings will be secure whilst you make some more memories. The best part is they will be waiting for you when you get back. 

5. Streamline Business Operations

Self storage provides a smart solution to declutter your office. Maybe you have an excessive amount of inventory, important documents or equipment that you have to keep hold of. Self storage could be a good way of streamlining your workflow and being more efficient means you have more time to spend on the business itself. Self storage is a great alternative to taking up another lease whilst expanding your business in a clutter-free and professional workspace. 

Self storage is a practical solution for individuals and businesses seeking organisation, convenience, and flexibility. From decluttering your living space to streamlining business operations, self storage offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your life or business. Consider these actionable reasons and unlock the advantages of self storage for a more organized and efficient future whether it's living your dreams climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or simply living in your home with peace of mind. Self storage is something you never knew you needed! 

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