How Big is a 25 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 7 months ago

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 Welcome an informative article, all about the 25 square-foot unit, part of the Fundamentals Series on the advice centre. It is your one-stop shop where you can find all of the guidance and tips that you need to find and decide on your perfect self storage unit and the best part is you can book it instantly with ease on 

What is the Size of a 25 Square Foot Self Storage Unit

In this article, we cover the approximate size of a 25-foot self storage unit, in relative terms to comparisons you might be more familiar with. In a nutshell, a 25 square foot self storage unit, or as some self storage operators might call it a self storage room, is one of the smaller self storage units and it's approximately the size of two and a half to three telephone boxes. Yes, that's correct! We are using telephone boxes in 2023 as a comparison for size because for most of you using self storage, you might still remember the days of pre-mobile phones. Not wanting to make assumptions! 

What can fit in a 25-square-foot self-storage unit?

A 25 square foot self storage unit will hold a couple of appliances, a number of boxes and some luggage. It's also a great size for seasonal sports equipment such as skis, wakeboards, and even a mountain bike, as long as you are happy to potentially turn things on end, depending on the dimensions of the room. 

A 25 square foot self storage unit or room is also handy for some items of garden furniture or even a barbecue. It's a great size if you have a collection of things that are perhaps a little bit bulkier than just a stack of old vinyl records. Perhaps you like to keep books or a collection of porcelain dolls that you just can't bring yourself to part with. In this case, this self storage unit size would be ideal. Just to clear up any questions on terminology self storage operators refer to what is effectively the space that you rent in different ways. Some refer to it as a self storage unit, a room, a storage container or even a pod.

You can get up to speed with all the self storage terminology in our guide to the lingo of self storage. For a quick insight into the different types of self storage, you can review the following infographic.

(insert infographic)

Types of Self Storage 

Depending on where you are looking to store, you might find that there is more than one type of self storage facility available in your area. One type may be more prevalent than others. For example, in cities, you will most commonly find more indoor self storage rooms. In towns or more industrial areas, you tend to find more external self storage facilities where you can drive right up to your container. In any of the cases, you can rest assured that the space you are renting is yours and yours alone and it is secure. 

Indoor Self Storage Facilities

For a 25 square foot self storage unit, given that it is one of the smaller sizes, it will be more commonly found in indoor self storage facilities. These are like a hotel for your things, such as a big warehouse where the floors are subdivided into individual rooms of various sizes and you have communal corridors to access your private room. However, some of the external self storage operators do also have smaller self storage units such as 25 square feet or 40 square feet where they might have subdivided up shipping containers to give individual lockers. 

External Self Storage Facilities 

External self storage facilities also tend to be slightly more economical given that they are located in less higher-value land sites. Therefore you can afford to be a bit more generous with the amount of space that you need. The same applies to warehouse storage where you have a 35 square-foot wooden container which is sealed up and forklifted into place and you book in when you need to access it again. 

In this case, it's quite an economical solution to self storage if you don't need frequent access. You can rent as many wooden crates as you like giving you great flexibility. However, in this case, they can come and collect your things direct to your door and deliver them back to you when you need them which is a great solution if you don't have a vehicle. 

Moving on to the Next Point

In case you have any questions about the unit of measurement for self storage in the UK, yes, we are still using feet and inches in 2023, despite the metric system being introduced in 1967! 

Some services and industries still reference the imperial system. In the case of self storage, it's feet and if you cast your mind back to school days, square feet is the area on the floor and floor space. If for example, you had a 10-foot long by 10-foot wide that would give you 100 square feet of self storage space. 

Consider Airspace

It's important to remember of course that you're not just renting floor space, you're also renting in the airspace above it which means that to get the best value out of your space by stacking things on top of each other. A 25 square foot self storage unit is the equivalent of 2.3 square metres for those of you for those of you who are more familiar with metres.

Never fear! If you find that you need less or more space, most self storage operators are extremely accommodating and we'll be happy to let you move. Self storage rooms have that availability. Also, if you're still not sure, just give us a call at 08000988864 or contact or jump on the live chat now one of our friendly Welsh team will be more than happy to give free and impartial advice tailored to your specific needs and location. If you have any comments on this article or suggestions for future articles drop us a line at All that's left to say is happy storing!



The interior of a 25 square foot self storage unit which consists of a teddy, a folded up play car and bike, a washing machine and golf clubs on end.

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