How Much Storage Space do i need for a 2 bedroom House?

By Anna Roberts

Published 10 months ago

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In this article, we’ll discuss the range of storage sizes that might be suitable for your 2-bedroom house. If you’re looking for self storage to move or relocate, whether that’s temporary or permanent, this is the perfect guide for you. Perhaps you want to do some travelling and rent your house out on Airbnb, or, whilst you are away? However you have nowhere to put your possessions! Alternatively you may aspire to a more minimalist Marie Kondo lifestyle. This is where self storage comes in handy. Having an idea of how much self storage space you really need before you start is a definite help.

What exactly is a Square Foot?

Self storage is often advertised in terms of square feet. For example, if you were to imagine a 10-foot long by 10-foot wide room that would give you 100 square feet. For a two-bedroomed house, the typical self storage size required could be anything between 60 square feet and 110 square feet. Why the wide range question mark I hear you ask? 

Average Contents Differ Household to Household

Like anything that is individual to certain people's lives, we each have a different view on what is classed as 'average contents'. You might also have a two bedroom house that is more akin to a small two-bedroom flat at one end of the spectrum, whereas on the other end you may have a two-bed house where the rooms are very large. You might even, dare we say it, have a garage filled with sports equipment or gardening tools. On average a 60 square foot self-storage unit would suit a small two-bedroom flat. In this situation you haven't acquired vast amounts of furniture and bulky possessions such as children's equipment. 

Storage for a Terraced House

Next up you might be thinking a 75 square foot unit would fit your household posessions. This is suitable for a small two-bedroom house, lovingly known as a two up and two down. Its a very typically British terraced house. You will commonly find that a 75 to 80 square foot is the standard size for an indoor self storage room. Check out our self storage size guide to understand the differences. Whereas an 80 square foot unit is quite common on container or external type self storage sites. This is around half the size of a typical shipping container which you might see on the back of a lorry on the motorway.

100 square feet gives you the equivalent size of a small single garage if you can imagine that. 

This is the size most commonly used for people with an average two bed house. If you have a two bed house and a garage or a shed then perhaps 110 square foot will be best. You may consider pushing the boat out to 120 square foot which will give you the peace of mind that you can get your things into your unit.

How to Move into a Self Storage Unit

If you're still concerned that you might not choose the correct size unit for you, don't worry! The process is easy. Once you have made your reservation, you then turn up to your self storage unit. If there isn't enough space for what you need, most storage operators are incredibly accommodating and have the flexibility to move you into a different size storage unit or perhaps event rent you another storage unit so that you can move your things in with peace of mind that all your posessions are protected. 

Self storage is usually leased out on monthly rolling contracts, which means that you have the flexibility to expand and reduce the amount of storage space you need as you potentially clear out some of your posessions. Nevertheless it's a good idea to draw up an inventory and try and estimate how much storage space you think will be suitable for you, since noone wants to move their things twice. If you're still not sure our friendly team based in Anglesey, North Wales are available 24/7 and are more than happy to have a chat about your particular scenario and give a steer on what might be the right size for you, based on our extensive experience speaking to self storage operators and researching industry guidance. 

Have any comments about this article or suggestions for future articles? Just get in touch at or give us a call on 08000988864  Happy Storing :) 

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