Do I Need Self Storage?

By Anna Roberts

Published 8 months ago

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A row of self storage units with orange doors set against a bright blue sky

If you are asking yourself if you need self storage, then it is not a question of self storage itself, but space. You may have become frustrated with the need for more space for your possessions but have nowhere to put them. You may be tired of tripping over clutter daily or quite simply have some personal or sentimental items you can't bear to part with. 

Storage is a natural solution to these problems however for many people storage space comes at a premium, or at the sacrifice of something else. For example, a spare room or garage, which could be used for their intended purpose, dare I say it a car! 

Self storage is a great way of securing your things, putting them somewhere where you know they will be safe, undisturbed and readily available for you to get at when you need them. In this article, we will highlight some of the varied reasons why people might use self storage some of which you may relate to and they might even inspire your storage desires!  Finally, we'll identify the pros and cons of self storage other types of storage or even other options when it comes to economising on space. 

Moving House

Moving house is reportedly one of the biggest drivers for customers of self storage. You may be in a position where you have a buyer for your current house who you simply don't want want to lose but are unable to find the house of your dreams to move into, in that seamless property chain. Many homeowners find that selling their home at the optimal time for the right price and then moving into rented accommodation, is a great way to gain flexibility. You are then able to move quickly when the perfect property arrives. Naturally, it makes sense to limit the amount of time you spend in a rented property in the meantime, by consolidating your things into essential items and putting the rest of your belongings into self storage. It may also be the case that the house you are renting is already furnished. In this case, self storage is a haven for your furniture whilst you are between properties. 

Another reason that people use self storage when moving house is because it is a great opportunity to reevaluate your furniture and possessions.

Firstly they are placed into self storage and are selectively removed from the self storage unit into the new house when they are needed or have a designated spot. In a way it is the ultimate in decluttering, aspiring to that perfect Marie Kondo simplistic life. Let's face it how many of us clear-out those under-bed drawers, unless we really have to? Moving house is a great opportunity to clear clutter and clear your mind. 

For many people moving house involves downscaling, particularly if your family have fled the nest. Maybe you are retiring to a smaller property to potentially free up equity, or allow you more time to focus on some of life's other pleasures, such as travelling or pursuing an interest. Again just because you have decided to downsize it doesn't mean that you want to part with all of your life's accumulated belongings in one go. Therefore self storage can be a perfect solution as a holding ground while you sort out what you want, need to keep, or are happy to part with. 

If you are moving to a new area you may find that is helpful to locate the bulk of your belongings in self storage, close to your new house before you make the final move. For example, many of the storage operators on also offer removals services. In this case, the same company facilitating your move could also store your items for a while so that you can settle into your new town and home. 


The second most popular use for self storage is for small business owners. Do you have a partner whose equipment clutters up your utility room, garage or spare room? Things like power tools, landscaping equipment and even beauty supplies can be easily stored in self-storage ready for you to access as and when you need them. In this case, many customers would opt for a self storage facility that has long access hours so that you can get to your things when convenient for you. It may also be the case that the type of storage you use is dedicated to the use for which you need it. You can check our other blog Types of Self Storage to learn more about the different options available. For example, if you have heavy equipment you may choose to store it at an external drive-up self storage site where you can easily load and unload your van. 

Lifechanging Events! 

It is acknowledged that 60 per cent of people using self storage could be experiencing a life-changing event. However, what people may often overlook are less fortunate events such as divorce or even a death in the family. In these cases, you may find that you need somewhere secure where you can store your things quickly. On you can instantly see what is available near to you and book it there and then, meaning no more ringing around, form filling or lengthy discussions with storage service providers. Simply book what you need in an instant.


Ever dreamed of packing your things up and embarking on that gap year? A gap year or travelling is not just reserved for young students, today people of all ages are going on extended experiential breaks and enriching their experiences of life in doing so. Naturally, if you are a homeowner the chances are you will want somewhere to return to when the current adventure is over. This means keeping your home whilst you are away, however, you may have mortgage payments or simply fears about the security of leaving your property empty for such an extended visit. 

One of's very first customers was doing just this and was taking a career break to do a year of travelling around the world. They moved their belongings from their city centre flat in Manchester and put them into self storage. This allowed them to rent their flat out on Airbnb, whilst they were away, giving them valuable income whilst they were not working, whilst ensuring that the flat remained secure.


If you are a student or if you have family who are students in university, you will be well aware of the palaver of vacating halls of residence or rented student houses at the end of term and decanting your things back and forth between lodgings. Again many students use self storage as a base from which to keep their items between residences. This also gives them more flexibility in terms of agreeing on tenancies with prospective landlords and avoids them having to cart their things home, usually with the help of friends and family. 


Do you have a collection of 1980's Barbie dolls that you just can't part with? It's okay we won't tell anyone. We get it. Self storage has come to the rescue of many an obscure collectors needs and hey who is anybody to judge your prized possession of vintage beer mats or advent calendars from the 1970's? Get your precious collection into storage where you know it is safe, protected and away from the eyes of mockery and resentment so that you can indulge whenever you choose. 

Car booters

Car booting is arguably a very British pastime that many of us love to partake in on the odd occasion. However, you may have taken your car booting to the next level or are even considering becoming a serial car booter, in which case self storage is the ideal solution to store your stock ready for early weekend starts and the joy of refilling it, inevitably with things you bring back from the car boots that you visit! 

Seasonal Storage 

Yes, we live in a country where even in the summer months you can't necessarily eliminate the need for thermal underwear and a pair of gloves. Fortunately, however, there are some things that we can safely say goodbye to come spring and autumn. Many customers of self storage, particularly in inner cities have their entire winter and summer wardrobes kept in a dedicated storage space. Others may use them for protecting expensive patio furniture through the winter storing seasonal sports equipment such as skis and snowboards and packing away with a tear in the eye the barbecue that was used twice during the summer holidays. 

Recycle and Repurpose

Sustainability is high on people's agendas these days and rightly so. The rate at which our climate has changed as a result of inconsiderate waste and consumerism is saddening. Thankfully many people have begun to realise that the actions they take today cumulatively will add up to the life of future generations and as such they are taking decisive steps to minimise their impact on the environment. Recycling, upcycling or repairing items is one fantastic way you can reduce your mark on the world.

If you have any comments or suggestions about articles you would like to see featured on get in touch with our Marketing Executive We would love to hear from you. Happy storing :)

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