How Big is a 160 Square Foot Self Storage Unit

By Anna Roberts

Published 8 months ago

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Welcome to another article in the Fundamentals Series. Giving you all the advice and guidance you need to decide what is the best self storage for you. In this article, we're going to consider some comparable references to help you understand whether 160 square foot self storage unit is the right size for you and most importantly what you can fit in it!

Understanding 160 Square Foot Self Storage Units

160 square foot self storage space is typically an average shipping container size. Such containers are usually 20 feet long by 8 feet wide and are most commonly found at external storage facilities or container-type sites. They might have a securely fenced and CCTV-protected yard that you can drive into with your own vehicle and park up right at the side of your own secure unit to load and unload your things.

Spacious Enough for a Three to Four-Bedroom House

A 160 square foot self storage container or unit typically gives you enough space to store the contents of an average three to four-bedroom house. When we say the average, we mean you are not an avid hoarder or collector of things that you might find on Kim and Aggies Show. Although you are not an extreme minimalist worthy of Marie Kondo's praise and eternal love. You might have reached the point in your life where you have acquired the typical amount of things you would have for yourself, your partner and a couple of children. 

Considering Additional Space

However, if you also have a garage that is packed to the rafters or a garden shed that you want to include, then you might need a little extra space than 160 square foot. Many self storage operators will be happy to offer you an additional unit. Perhaps you could book 160 square foot self storage container and as many self storage operators have a half-size container it gives you an extra 80 square feet. Some external self storage operators also subdivide containers into even smaller spaces. This might be ideal for you and of course, once you have moved in you can always sort through your things. 

Flexible and Friendly Storage Operators

If you find that after sorting through things over time, you don't need the full amount of space you can always change your self storage unit or give one up if you have to as most self storage operators are friendly and accommodating businesses. 

To give you a little introduction to the language used in the self storage world check out our full guide to different types of self storage here. Also, it's worth having a look at the following infographic on the different self storage types. As mentioned 160 square foot will most commonly be found in the form of 20-foot-long shipping containers or similar to bespoke containers and external self storage containers. 

These are effectively like a hotel for your things where you can arrive at the indoor self storage facility or warehouse and enter along secure corridors to access your private and secure individual room. Also, before we wrap up, let's not forget our friends on the continent you might be more familiar with square metres and not square feet. 160 square foot is the equivalent of 14.8 square metres. 

Square Feet Measurement 

Us Brits have been inclined to hang onto certain elements of the old imperial ways of measuring feet being one of them in the self storage land. Space in the UK is generally rented out by square feet. 

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Just to recap on school days maths when we talk about square feet it means the floor area. When we talk about square feet we mean the floor area. For example, if you had a ten-foot long by ten-foot wide room that would give you 100 square feet.

 If you have any comments on this article or suggestions for future articles, get in touch with If you want free and impartial advice to help you make the right decision about self storage or if you just want to chat with our friendly Welsh team give us a call at 08000988864 or e-mail or jump on the live chat now and we are more than happy to speak to you. Happy storing :) 

A 160 foot self storage unit containing sofa, dining table, washing machine and various boxes,gym equipment and other household neccesities

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