How Big is a 75 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 7 months ago

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A 75 square foot grey self storage unit containing a brown sofa, a grey fridge, a bed on its side, a washing machine, some boxes and an explorage teddy

ufeffHello and welcome to this article, which is part of the Fundamentals Series on the advice centre, giving you all the help and guidance you need to choose the right self storage facility for you.

In this article, we will be discussing one of the more popular self storage sizes out there which is the 75-square-foot self storage unit. 

Understanding Square Feet vs. Metric Measurements

Firstly, let's address the very British elephant in the room which is square feet. A legacy dating back to the trusty imperial system of measurement. We Brits haven't been able to let go of pounds and feet despite transitioning to the metric system in 1967. Our continental friends might be more familiar with the term square metres or perhaps even square centimetres. 

The Versatility of Self Storage Units

In the UK self storage is usually rented out in square feet, which means that for example, a 10 foot long by 10-foot wide self storage space would give you 100 square feet. Don't be fooled, however! Most self storage spaces are not perfectly square. They are often more of a rectangular shape. In metres, a ten-foot by ten-foot space would be the equivalent of 3.048 metres by 3.048 metres to give you 9.29 square metres. 

Estimating Your Storage Needs

It's worth checking out our guide on how to make the most of the air space that is above the square foot of the floor area. By making the most of stacking things on top of each other, you'll get more value for money when it comes to storing your things (that my friends is what is referred to as cubic feet, let's not even go down that rabbit hole!) 

What Fits Inside a 75 Square Foot Unit?

A 75 square foot self storage unit will typically give you enough space to store the contents of an average two-bedroom house. Now let's not get carried away by thinking of a two-bedroom villa in Florida in an episode of A Place in the Sun. This is a British two-bedroom terraced house two up, two down where the average contents are an extremely subjective measurement. 

Hopefully you are not an extreme hoarder of 1930s vehicle car parts, or a Marie Kondo eat-your-heart-out minimalist with nothing more than a designed leather footstool and a Banksy replica hanging on the wall in each room. Let's take average to mean in each room you have a bed, a wardrobe and downstairs a sofa, an armchair and a very small dining table and the usual clothes and furniture. 

Estimating Your Storage Needs

Having said that, if you are planning on storing all of the bulky items of furniture you might want to go for a bit of extra space to be on the safe side. Of course, you will need to stack things on the side or standing if you plan to squeeze them into a 75 square foot self storage unit. Also, consider if you are lucky enough to have a garage, garden shed or even an attic packed full of stuff ready to store. It may be worth going for a bit of extra space for peace of mind. Perhaps a 100 square foot might be more suitable for you for a small difference in price. 

Choosing the Right Size

External Self Storage vs Indoor Self Storage

Depending on the type of self storage facility that is most convenient for you, you might be governed somewhat by the sizes that they have available. For example, if you are storing in a smaller town or in an industrial area, you may need a self storage facility where you can drive your car right up to the container door. An external container-based self storage facility might be more appropriate. However, in these cases, you will likely be limited to certain sizes such as 160 square feet, 80 square feet, and a 10 foot long container. Sometimes they do have some subdivided into smaller containers but these are often in high demand. 

Having said that external self storage is often slightly more economical than indoor self storage rooms which are centrally located in built-up areas such as city centres. Therefore you could afford to be a bit more generous with the amount of self storage that you need and a little less specific in getting the exact size self storage unit (we rarely meet a self storage customer who doesn't use the space!)

How to Seek Guidance from Self Storage Operators

Fortunately, self storage operators are an accommodating bunch. If you find that you have chosen the wrong size storage for your self storage needs, you have the option to increase (or decrease) your unit size. You can even change your unit around, depending on what's available to suit your needs. 

Visualise Your Space

Nevertheless, we appreciate that this can be somewhat inconvenient when you rock up with all of your stuff and you find that you don't have enough space. It's defintely worth spending a little time thinking about what you would like to move into your self storage realistically and consider what your things would look like visually. If you tried to pack them all into the space of a standard single garage for example, which is around 100 square foot, the contents would mean the size would be slightly bigger than the unit we are discussing in this article. 

Get in Touch

If you still have questions, our friendly Welsh team are here 24/7 taking calls, and e-mails or pop us a message on live chat to help you decide on the right self storage for you.We provide free and impartial advice for anyone on their self storage journey. Just give us a call on 08000988864 or e mail us at

What type of self storage are you interested in?

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