How Big is a 10 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 6 months ago

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How Big is a 10 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

Hello and welcome to this article in the Fundamentals Series, on the advice centre. Our goal at is to help you find the perfect self storage space for your needs, where we give you all the tips and advice you need to help find and book the perfect self storage unit for you. 

In this article, we'll be taking a look at one of the smallest self storage sizes which is 10 square feet. Firstly let's go over a couple of the themes just to familiarise yourself with some of the language. 

The Square Foot: What is the Square Foot?

Essentially a square foot is the area of the floor space. If you had a 10-foot long by 10-foot wide room that would give you 100 square feet. 

  • If you're not used to dealing with things in square feet, just cast your mind back to school days (if you care to!). Remember those diagrams on graph paper where you would draw a line on a line to calculate the square area? 

  • It is not to be confused with cubic feet, which would also take into account the height of the unit and give you the volume of your storage room. In the UK we have diligently clung onto parts of the imperial system even though the metric system was introduced in 1965. There are industrial sectors and people still use feet and inches on a daily basis today as a guide for measuring. Self storage is one of those industries in the UK where we still measure things by feet or square feet. 

  • On the continent, a 10-foot long by 10-foot wide storage unit, totalling a 100-square-foot self-storage unit would equate to 9.3 square metres. 

In this particular article, we will be discussing a 10-square-foot room which is the equivalent of 0.929 square metres. A 10-square-foot storage unit or room is typically found in indoor storage facilities. These are the type of storage facilities that are subdivided into rooms, like a hotel for your things and it is what people commonly associate with self storage here in the UK. 

Considering container-based Storage

Container-based self storage sites, which are external self storage facilities, offer subdivided containers where you can get smaller lockers, although these are less common. You can drive up to your unit and drop off and they typically look like shipping containers. For a full guide to the terminology and types of self storage check out our guide to different types of self storage.

How big is a 10 square foot self storage unit?

To put things into perspective a ten foot self storage unit is likely to accommodate several suitcases, some luggage and several boxes. 

  • It is typically the smallest of the self storage rooms in that it is not much bigger than a wardrobe at home. 
  • It is a very handy size if you are a student looking to store some luggage and a digital nomad on the move. You may have a small collection of items that you need stored without interference. You will feel rest assured that they are safe and secure from your other halves meddling and decluttering sprees. 

A ten square foot self storage unit is very economical with some self storage facilities offering it from around five pounds a week which is not much more than the price of a Pret meal deal.

Understanding and Flexible Storage Operators

Self storage operators are typically very accommodating. If the ten square foot is just not going to cut it and you need a bit more space it is more than likely they will have availability and you will usually be able to upsize. Fortunately, since it's the smaller of the rooms, you should be able to easily manoeuvre your things using one of the onsite trolleys and simply carrying them over. 

Expert Advice and Assistance 

Never fear! If you are not quite sure about the size of self storage that you need. We are more than happy to help you decide the right self storage unit for you. Speak to one of our friendly Welsh team who are here 24/7 through our live chat. Give us a call at 08000988864 or send us an e-mail at We are more than happy to help! 

If you have any comments on this article or have any suggestions for future articles, as always we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with

A ten square foot self storage unit containing a teddy, a grey fridge, a multicoloured ball and a red suitcase

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