How Big is a 250 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 4 months ago

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A couple talking and packing boxes to fill their storage unit

Thanks for checking out our guide on how big a 250 square foot unit is, giving you all the important information on the potential uses and relatable life examples, so that you can figure out what size space is right for you. This guide forms part of the Fundamentals Series, which can be found in the advice centre. Feel free to check out all the size guides and storage type guides online. 

The Average 5-Bedroom House

A 250-square-foot self-storage unit gives you approximately the right amount of space for your average 5-bedroom house. When we talk about average sizes try and imagine a moderate five-bedroom house, quite minimalist perhaps, without a garage and on the other end of the spectrum a large five-bedroom house rammed with a lifetime of possessions with a garage or shed attached to it. An average five-bedroom house contents contains on average somewhere in the middle of those two. Only you can say if you think that fits the bill.

Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

A 250-square-foot self-storage space is also handy if you're a small business owner who is relocating premises and needs somewhere to temporarily store office equipment as well as desks and chairs. Perhaps you are going through a transition period in your business and you are trialling a hybrid style of working, but don't want to part with the office furniture just yet. Alternatively, you may be waiting for the right buyer for your home or another disposal opportunity. A 250-square-foot unit is also useful for small or even medium businesses with a modest inventory. You could even rack the space out with free-standing racking and use it as a mini-warehouse to store your inventory. 

Choosing Your Storage Type: Indoor vs External

It's worth thinking about the main types of storage that would suit your needs. The main two options are indoor and external self storage. Your preference may be dictated by the proximity to where you need to store, since indoor self storage is most commonly found in cities and larger towns. Whereas external self storage facilities are more commonly found in cities or larger towns. External storage facilities are a common site in cities and can be found on industrial sites and suburban areas.

Indoor Self Storage 

Indoor self storage offers undercover loading and unloading. They may have a manager on site, although not all do, and you can drive up to the building, load your things onto a trolley and wheel them up to your self storage room. Although it may seem better to think about taking multiple sizes up to 250 square feet, it might be worth thinking about disposing of some items and reducing the self storage that you need. 

Indoor self storage facilities will also have a forklift or pallet wheeling equipment should you need stock wheeling in on pallets and many will also have good lifts but it's worth verifying this first. You can check out these details on Before you reserve external self storage facilities tend to work out slightly more economical square foot for foot. However, the main benefit is that you can drive right up to your unit. 

External Self Storage 

External self storage facilities are made up of shipping containers that are around the size of 20-foot-long shipping containers that are often seen on the back of a lorry going down a motorway. These containers give you 160 square feet, so you're not quite at a 250 square foot requirement. However many external self storage operators also provide half-size containers of 80 square feet which would give you 240 square feet so you are not too far off. Alternatively, you may simply decide to take 260-square-foot containers or even a double-length container at 320 square feet. You can check out our full storage type guide here. 

Square Footage Essentials

Also, bear in mind that when you are booking self storage in the UK you are usually booking the amount of square foot which is the width times the length of the floor area. It's incredibly important to make sure that you make use of the entire volume of the storage facility, which is the space above, and stack things on top of each other to make the most of the space. 

If you have any comments or suggestions on this article or ideas for future articles that you would like us to cover please get in touch with If you need help finding the right self storage for you and can't find what you need on let us do the legwork for you and call us on 08000988864. Happy Storing :) 

What Does 250 Square Feet Look Like ?

See the image below ...

A 250 square foot unit

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