Help! I Don't Know What Size Self Storage I Need!

By Amy Briscoe

Published 2 months ago

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Welcome to this article all in the Fundamentals Series on’s advice centre, giving you all the help and advice to make a confident self storage reservation instantly. If you don’t know what size storage unit you need, then you’re in luck. Never fear is here to make your life easier!

Visual Guides on

On we have a range of unique guides for specific-size self storage units, as well as handy 3D visuals to give you an example of what type of things you can get into the space needed.

Why do you need Self Storage?

 In the meantime let’s kick things off by helping you to figure out your essentials. Firstly, consider what you need self storage for. Are you moving house? Are you doing some simple decluttering? Is this something you consider to be a short-term arrangement or are you thinking more long-term?

Visualise your Stuff in one Place

Next, think comparatively. If you were to gather all of your things into one space, would they fit into a garden shed for example? Would you need the size of a single garage or something much bigger than that? Perhaps you’ve only got a few suitcases and boxes. Once you have got a visual idea of what your things might look like gathered in one space, you can start to have a look at the types of self storage guide. 

The Range of Self Storage Sizes

Self storage sizes range in anything from 10 square feet to 15000 square feet. Some of the most popular sizes are typically 35 square feet, 75 square feet and 160 square feet. Before we delve into what each size square foot type can hold it’s worth just taking a moment to familiarise yourself with the concept of renting space by square feet if you’re not already. 

Square Feet

We Brits have forged a lifelong love with the imperial system, even though it was replaced with the metric way of measuring things. Unlike many of our continental friends we clung desperately to feet and inches, and some other standard measurements as a familiar approximation of size. In the case of self storage, both us Brits and and our friends across the pond in America sell space or rent space by square foot. In simple terms, if you had a five-foot long by five-foot wide self storage room, this would give you 25 square feet. Similarly, if you had a 10-foot wide by 10-foot long spare room that would give you 100 square feet. 

In the UK our storage sizes are not typically perfectly square or perfectly rectangular for that matter and on occasion, they are slightly misshaped as they may have been fitted out into a warehouse for example. In the majority of cases, however, your self-storage room will be somewhat rectangular in space. By the way, if you’re not familiar with the language of self storage, such as a self storage room or container (which by the way are all essentially meaning the space that you rent) Check out our in-house self storage user Lizzie who has written a whole blog post on the lingo of self storage.

Back to good old square foot! In the following table, we’ll give you the standard square foot size of a self storage unit, or room, and a comparable example of the size of things you might be able to store. Also in the table, you will see the equivalent dimensions and square metres for those of you who are more familiar with that term. 

Without further ado here are the two charts helping you decide how much space and how much stuff you need. 

(Insert a table from our Excel sheet and insert the 3d images alongside each one. Also with a column of the equivalent square foot and square metres)

Certain types of self storage will dictate the size of self storage units available. Indoor self storage facilities or rooms which are effectively a hotel for your stuff are the most flexible in terms of the variety of the different sizes available. However container based external self storage sites are usually great value for money and even though you may be limited to standard container sizes such as 160 square foot or 80 square foot containers, you might find that you get more space for the same money and you can afford to be a bit more generous with the amount of space that you rent. 

Similarly for warehouse storage containers things units are typically the size of 35 square feet, but you can make multiple use of them, giving you a great option in terms of flexibility as you can add or take out your things in storage if you are not sure. 

Still not Sure?

If you’re not sure how much square footage and space you need for self storage do not worry. provides a range of helpful guides such as this to help you decide and our friendly Welsh in-house team is available 24/7 for us to call, live chat or email at to help you make the right decision.

Get in Touch

Most storage operators are incredibly accommodating and if you find that you have reserved the wrong size self storage unit for what you need they will have availability for you to change rooms or units. If you are still unsure please get in touch with our team on our live chat or give us a call on 08000988864. If you have any comments or suggestions for this article please get in touch with



A useful table of contents showing images of storage units, their comparative sizes in square feet and square metres.
A Table of Storage Sizes

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