How Big is a 20 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 10 months ago

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This article will give you a good insight into how big a 20 square foot self storage unit is. It is part of the Fundamentals Series on the advice centre where you can find all the help and tips that you need to choose the perfect self storage solution for you. Our aim is to help you understand all the questions that you might be asking yourself, about all the things that go with choosing self storage and make life easier.  

Of course, we're always here to help. We are more than happy to offer free impartial advice. Just call our friendly Wales-based team on 08000988864 or Feel free to jump on the live chat at any point on 

What is a 20 Square Foot Self-Storage Unit?

A 20 square foot self storage unit is approximately the size of two telephone boxes. Yep! You read that correctly. In 2023 we are still referencing a good old red British telephone box as an approximation of size, but it's a general industry rule of thumb. If you are looking for self storage the likelihood is that you're old enough to remember the days of putting 20p into a phone box trying to call home or for the more mischievous of you, you may have let off some fart gas or firecrackers in them, but let's not get into that right now.  

A 20 square foot self storage room is a handy size for storing a few items of sports equipment, maybe some luggage, or several boxes. You may even get an appliance in there as long as you are willing to stack things tightly on top of each other. It's great for those of you who have a small collection of things and just want somewhere that is safe and secure and away from the family or your spouse's decluttering eyes. A space that you can just retreat to and reminisce over your collection and old times. 

It's one of the smaller self storage sizes, so it's very economically priced and a great choice if you just want something flexible and short-term. A typical 20 square foot self storage room could cost between £15 to £24 depending on where in the country you are storing. By choosing to store with local storage operators, such as our network of fantastic vetted self storage operators listed on, you know you are getting the very best value.

Understanding Measurements

Just to clear up a few questions you may have about size. Here in Britain we still retain reference to parts of the imperial system of measuring. That means that even though we converted to the metric system back in 1965, some things are still typically sold or referenced in imperial measurements such as feet. For our friends on the continent, you of course will be more familiar with metres. When we talk about square feet, we are talking about the floor area. So typically if you had a 10 foot long by 10 foot wide room that would give you 100 square feet of floor space. 

It's important to bear in mind that as well as the floor space, you're also renting all of the space and the airspace above it which means it's the best way to get the best value. It's worth stacking things on top of each other safely. You can read a full guide on packing for airspace, savvy tips for packing and more on the advice centre. A 20 square foot self storage unit is approximately 1.85 square metres. 

Types of Self Storage 

You might have noticed that there are different names and terminology used for self storage space. They usually go by the names of self storage room, self storage unit, self storage container and self storage space. These are terms that the industry uses and effectively they all mean the same thing, the space that you will be renting. Rest assured they will have secure and safe access too. 

Some terminology is more relevant to some types of self storage facility than others. It's worth checking out our types of self storage infographic below and read the full article on the different types of self storage to get a grasp on what these might mean for you.

Indoor Self Storage

If you live in a city centre, the chances are that you are more likely to have access to an indoor self storage or indoor storage room, as it's sometimes referred to. It is effectively a hotel for your things. These are warehouses or industrial spaces that have been subdivided into individual secure rooms for you to store your things and you can access them through communal corridors using trolleys which are usually provided by the self storage operator. 

External Self Storage (Container Type)

If you live in a smaller urban area such as a town or perhaps even a rural area, then your nearest self storage facility might be an external self storage facility or container-type site. This is where you have a secure outside open-air compound that you have secure access to drive into. You drive right up to what might be a shipping container or a bespoke self storage unit that looks very similar to a shipping container. You can load and unload your things directly from your car to your self storage container or units. 

Other Storage Options (Mobile and Warehouse)

There are also other types of storage such as mobile storage where storage operators will come to you and collect and deliver your things. There is also warehouse storage where you take things to a warehouse to people in the warehouse who load them into a box. The people in the warehouse then lift the boxes into position and store them. It is a great long-term solution if you don't need frequent access. 

Choosing the Right Storage

Check out the full guide to the different types of self storage and in the meantime just remember that a 20 square foot self storage unit is roughly the size of two telephone boxes. It's handy for seasonal items, small collections, some luggage or one or two appliances. 

Don't worry if you choose the wrong size, or if you find you need more or less space during your lease. Most storage operators are very accommodating and will happily let you move storage units if they have availability. 

Get in Touch

If you have any comments on this article, suggestions for future articles or any questions at all, we'd love to hear from you and contact Happy storing :) 

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