Your Ultimate Guide to Container Storage Prices in the UK 2024

By Anna Roberts

Published 5 months ago

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As per the UK Annual industry report, Self storage has become an essential solution for businesses seeking secure and flexible storage options. These facilities, all the while staying within the average cost, offer various storage unit types, catering to diverse storage needs. The cost per square foot for self-storage varies depending on factors like size of storage, storage location and additional services offered by the storage service. Many storage companies also offer container storage, climate-controlled storage, and specialized options to meet specific requirements.

What is Self Storage?

Self storage facilities

Self storage facilities, affiliated with the Self Storage Association, are professional storage spaces that individuals or businesses can rent to store their belongings.

Storage unit types

Storage unit costs depend on the size; they come in various sizes appropriate for different items, ranging from small personal items to oversized furniture and appliances.

Cost of self storage

The cost of self storage, often calculated per square foot, is influenced by factors such as the size of the storage space, location, and additional services provided.

Benefits of self storage

Self storage, priced per square foot, offers a secure and flexible solution for storing items, with the added advantage of accessibility to stored items.

Considerations for storing items

When considering self storage, individuals should assess their storage needs, select appropriate packing materials, and ensure the security of their stored items.

How much does Self Storage Cost?

Factors affecting self storage cost

Factors such as the size of the storage unit, location, and additional services can affect the overall cost of self storage.

Calculating storage space needs

Determining the appropriate size of storage is crucial in accurately estimating storage costs and preventing overpayment for unneeded space.

Additional costs to consider

Along with the base storage price, individuals may also need to consider costs for packing materials, cost of furniture storage, insurance, and transportation.

Comparing self storage prices

It is essential to compare self storage prices from different providers to find the best value for the desired storage space.

Getting a storage quote

To obtain accurate storage pricing, individuals can request a storage quote from the chosen storage provider.

Types of Storage Units

Container storage

Container storage offers a convenient and secure solution for storing items in portable containers, allowing for easy transportation and access.

Climate-controlled storage

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels, ensuring the preservation of sensitive items.

Specialized storage options

Specialized storage options, when factoring in much does storage cost, cater to specific storage needs, such as vehicle storage, document storage, or wine storage.

Secure storage facilities

Secure storage facilities prioritize the safety of stored items through advanced security measures, including surveillance and access control. They also provide padlocks, and this is reflected in the prices quoted.

Pros and cons of different storage units

Each type of storage unit, compared in terms of the cost of storage, offers unique benefits and limitations, requiring individuals to assess their specific storage needs and preferences.

How much does a self storage unit cost in the UK?

In the UK, the price per unit of storage can vary based on the region; urban areas such as London often have higher storage prices compared to rural areas, as quoted on the UK annual industry report.

Storage cost in London

London's storage costs are influenced by high demand and limited space, resulting in comparatively higher prices for storage units.

4-bedroom house storage estimate

For individuals seeking storage for the contents of a 4-bedroom house, the price per item or box might vary based on the required space and storage location.

Average storage cost comparison

Comparing the average storage costs across different regions and providers can help individuals identify competitive pricing for their storage needs.

Factors influencing 2024 storage prices

Factors such as market demand, operational costs, and economic conditions influence the prevailing storage prices in 2024.

Tips for Saving on Storage Costs

Maximizing storage space

Efficiently organizing the available storage space can aid in reducing the size of storage required and thus lower the overall storage cost per square foot.

Utilizing efficient packing materials

Using appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and padlocks can safeguard items and minimize the risk of damage, potentially reducing replacement costs.

Considering alternative storage options

Exploring alternative storage solutions, such as shared storage, can provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional storage facilities. The cost will greatly depend on the size of the items.

Negotiating storage prices

Engaging in negotiations with storage providers, comparing self-storage prices and exploring potential discounts or promotions can lead to cost savings for a self storage unit.

Understanding lease terms and conditions

Reviewing and understanding the average cost and lease terms, including rental periods, payment schedules, and potential fees, can help individuals make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs.

Container Storage FAQs

1. What are the advantages of container storage?

Container storage offers flexibility, convenience, and security for storing your belongings. It provides a secure environment for your items and eliminates the need for long-term commitments associated with traditional self storage facilities. Additionally, container storage typically offers competitive per square foot pricing and may also include added services such as bubble wrap and padlock supply.

2. How do storage costs compare between container storage and traditional self-storage units?

The cost of container storage can vary depending on the size of the storage container, location, and the storage provider. Generally, container storage may offer competitive pricing compared to traditional self-storage options, especially when considering features such as secure storage and varying storage service options. Additionally, some storage provider may also offer storage quote services for determining the exact cost based on your needs.

3. What factors influence the storage price for container storage?

The storage price for container storage is influenced by several factors including the size of the storage container, the storage location, and the additional services provided. Other factors, such as the type of storage and the secure storage features, also contribute to the overall cost of storage. It is advisable to obtain prices quoted from various storage companies to compare and identify the best storage cost for your needs.

Average Container Prices by Region
Container Size 160sqft 80sqft 40sqft 65sqft 320sqft
East England £49.35 £38.50 £25.99 £23.07 -
Essex £42.12 - - - -
London £95.00 £89.99 £56.49 - -
Midlands £38.71 - £26.69 - £56.34
North East England £34.23 £26.53 - £23.07 -
North West England £45.04 £46.99 £37.99 - -
Shropshire £36.00 - - - -
South East England £69.04 £38.13 £31.42 - -
South West England £55.20 £42.00 £36.00 - -
Wales £36.57 £31.39 - £22.88 £67.92
Yorkshire £46.99 £33.99 £21.99 - -

Retrieved: 10th Jan 2024 Source: Explorage Data

Type of Storage vs. Average Cost Per Week
Type of Storage Average Cost Per Week
Container £12.23 - £150.00
Indoor Rooms £7.15 - £900.00
Mobile Storage £12.00 - £54.00
Outdoor Rooms £30.46 - £538.46
Warehouse Container (wooden) £12.00 - £18.00

Retrieved: 10th Jan 2024 Source: Explorage Data

Estimated Weekly Insurance Costs
Value of Goods Estimated Weekly Insurance Cost
Up to £2000 £3-£5
£2000 - £5000 £6-£10
Over £5000 £11-£20


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