Monday Morning Meeting Gets Hijacked by Barbie

By Anna Roberts

Published 9 months ago

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Every morning me and our Marketing Exec, Amy Briscoe have what should be a '15 minute stand up call' to catch up on plans. 

This morning however our call got a little hijacked by our shared excitement for the soon to be released, (reportedly 21st July 23), Barbie Movie.

I don't know about other generations, but for girls born in the 80's like myself, Barbie will always bring back some kind of funny and often bizarre memories.


Of course, being in the business of self storage, we couldn't resist the opportunity to imagine how we would play out a Barbie self storage scene...... watch this space; as with most things at, I have a sneaking suspicion that what was once a joke 'we should do this....', will soon become a reality !

We managed to capture our excitement by doing an impromptu video call recording, which if you have 8 minutes spare and fancy reminiscing about Barbie, is worth a watch here.

Fancy joining the conversation? Drop us a line at

In the meantime to keep our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team happy, and make this post relevant to self storage, (bare with us !), we turned to our old friend Mr (or perhaps Miss) ChatGpt, to supply us with a short story about Barbie and Ken's recent experience of using self storage, which of course is 100% accurate...

Barbie dolls wearing hula dresses

Barbie and Ken’s Whirlwind Move: A Hilarious Self Storage Adventure!

Once upon a time in the vibrant town of Toyland, Barbie and Ken decided it was time to move into their dream house. With their impeccable fashion sense and love for all things fabulous, they couldn't wait to embark on this exciting new journey. However, as any couple moving can attest, finding the perfect self storage facility to accommodate their treasured possessions was no small feat.

Determined to make the process as smooth as silk, Barbie whipped out her trusty smartphone and quickly typed "self storage" into the search bar. She was delighted to discover, the ultimate destination for all storage needs. With a few clicks, they found themselves on the virtual doorstep of a myriad of storage options.

Barbie scrolled through the search results, giggling at the various quirky storage company names like "Boxtopia" and "Stack 'Em High." But one name stood out, promising both security and convenience: "FortressVaults - The Castle of Storage Dreams!" She couldn't resist a good pun, especially when it came to protecting their precious belongings.

With a confident click, Barbie booked a storage unit fit for a queen. She imagined it as her own mini-mansion, complete with tiny chandeliers and a walk-in closet to rival even her extensive wardrobe. Ken, always the supportive partner, playfully teased Barbie about needing a storage unit just for her shoes.

As moving day arrived, Barbie and Ken found themselves at FortressVaults, ready to start their storage adventure. The staff welcomed them with warm smiles, impressed by their fashionable attire and flawless hair. Barbie even caught a glimpse of a toy doll sporting a stylish pink outfit, which she silently applauded.

With the expertise of the FortressVaults team, Barbie and Ken maneuvered their way through the maze of storage units. As they passed rows upon rows of neatly stacked boxes, Ken couldn't resist the urge to joke, "Looks like we've entered the 'Great Wall of Cardboard' here!"

Barbie chuckled, appreciating Ken's humor and the temporary distraction from the moving hustle. Together, they unloaded their belongings, carefully organizing them in their designated unit. Barbie, ever the organizer, suggested color-coding the boxes to make finding things a breeze. Ken chuckled, remarking, "Looks like we're building our very own 'Rainbow Storage Bridge'!"

Once everything was in place, Barbie marveled at their efficient use of space. She whispered to Ken, "We're the 'Storage Superstars' of Toyland!"

Satisfied with their new storage kingdom, Barbie and Ken bid farewell to the FortressVaults team and headed off to their dream house, excited for the next chapter of their lives. They knew that, thanks to and FortressVaults, their possessions were in good hands until they were ready to retrieve them.

And so, with laughter in their hearts and stylish adventure on the horizon, Barbie and Ken drove away, leaving their possessions safely tucked away. They couldn't help but reflect on their storage escapade, grateful for the seamless experience they found with the help of

Whether it was Barbie's impeccable fashion sense, Ken's witty puns, or the "Rainbow Storage Bridge" they built together, this moving day would forever remain a cherished memory in their toy-filled world.

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