How Big is a 35 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 9 months ago

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Compact 35 square foot storage unit with washing machine, boxes, gym equipment and a small fridge

If you are reading this article, chances are you are considering storing your items in a self storage facility. Firstly, just to go over the terminology, some self-storage providers call their space rooms, and others call their space containers. Nevertheless, effectively they all mean the area where you have exclusive access to safely store your things.

Square Foot and Metres 

Square foot is a British term dating back to the glorious imperial ways of measuring things. Back in 1975, the nation transferred to the metric system e.g. metres. Us being typical Brits, some traditions we can't let go of. One of which is the reference to feet and inches particularly when giving a quick estimate as to the size of something.

In the self storage industry feet and square feet have ruled supreme for some time. For your benefit, this article will talk about square feet and we'll also give you in brackets the equivalent measurement in metres. 

When we talk about square feet, of course, we mean the area of the floor space within a self storage unit. For example, if you had a ten-foot long by ten-foot-wide self storage unit that would give you 100 square feet. 

When choosing a self-storage unit it's also worth taking into account the height of the self-storage unit. It makes sense to be savvy and stack what can be stacked vertically to make full use of the cubic airspace. Check out our resident Explorage storage user Lizzie's advice on airspace to further maximise the space that you rent. 

How Big is a 35 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

The short answer to this question is approximately the size of a garden shed.  Hang on a minute! Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes. They do! What one person might class as a shed, another person might class as a double garage. If you cast your mind back to the days of watching soap operas, imagine the traditional flat-pack garden shed with just enough space to store a lawnmower, a strimmer, garden tools, and perhaps some deckchairs. You get the idea. 

A 35 Square Foot Self Storage Room 

A 35 square foot self storage room is great for storing your appliances, your summer patio furniture, providing it can collapse down or be dismantled, your barbecue, your winter sports equipment as well as a good selection of boxes, bags or luggage. It's a very versatile self storage unit, particularly for people hoping to slightly declutter or move their seasonal items around freeing up space in the family home. 

35-square foot storage rooms are found in indoor storage room warehouses that act as a hotel for your things. For more information on the different types of self storage, check out our guide on the different types of self storage. If convenience is important to you, and you only have container-based or external type self storage facilities nearby, it's worth checking out if they have subdivided containers. They can give you anything from 25 to 40 square feet, depending on how it's divided.  

Some container storage sites also have bespoke containers/units which come in at around 40 square feet which is effectively a quarter of a size of a typical 20-foot-long shipping container which you might see on the back of a lorry going down the motorway. 

It's worth bearing in mind that such smaller containers might have a lower head height than the typical eight-foot high shipping containers so if you have particularly tall or long items they might be better suited to a different type of self storage unit. 

If you prefer a visual then check out our storage size guide If you have any comments or suggestions on this article, or have a request for future articles, as always, please contact our friendly Wales-based team who are here 24/7 and who are always to help. Email or give us a call on 08000988864. 

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