How Big is a 65 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 6 months ago

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The interior of a cosy two bed room living room area with the kitchen in the background and modern blue decor

Welcome to this article which is part of the advice centre, where you can get all the tips and advice you need on finding and booking the perfect self storage unit or space for you. In this article, we're discussing the size of a 65 square foot self storage unit and what can approximately fit inside it. So let's delve in! 

Ideal for Two-Bedroom Flats

If you have a two-bed flat then the great news is that a 65 square foot self storage unit is perfect for you. In your two bed flat you might have some bulky furniture which could be dismantled or stacked on its side, perhaps an appliance or two, a selection of boxes, a few bags full of clothes and other personal items, crockery and cutlery.

Optimising Space in Your Self Storage Unit

It's important to remember that when you rent self storage, you rent the size, described in square feet, which is essentially the floor area. The length times the width gives you 65 square feet, but you also need to make the absolute most of every square inch of space above the floor, to the full height of your unit, to get the most value out of your self storage unit. You can read more about this in our in-house expert Lizzie Hudson's guide on air space, full of tips about packing and unpacking and making the most out of the full volume of your self storage unit.

Choosing the Right Self Storage Size

If your second bedroom is on the smaller side and you prefer a minimalist lifestyle, or you don't have many large furniture items or appliances to store, consider opting for a slightly smaller self storage unit, such as a 60 or 55-square-foot room. However, if your two-bedroom flat offers ample space, or your second bedroom is overflowing with your cherished Barbie collectables, it's advisable to choose a slightly larger self storage unit, such as a 75 or 85-square-foot room

Converting Square Feet to Square Metres

Here in Britain we still refer to the imperial system for some measurements, storage is one of those examples! To put it into metric 65 square feet will give you the equivalent of 6 square metres. 

Exploring Different Self Storage Facility Types

There are different types of self storage facilities available to choose from and you can check out the full infographic below this article. We break all of the different types of storage down into easy-to-understand visuals.

Indoor Self Storage 

A 'Hotel' for Your Things

When it comes to a 65 square foot self storage unit, you are most likely to find this size in an indoor self storage facility. This type of facility is essentially a hotel for your things, where a big warehouse has been subdivided into lots of individual rooms of varying sizes.

Never fear however if you don't have an indoor self storage facility near you, then external self storage facilities are also an excellent choice on these sites. You will find rows upon rows of what might look like shipping containers in an enclosed secure yard and you can drive right up to your container unit and load and unload directly from your vehicle. 

Half-Size Units

Whilst they tend to have less variety in choice of sizes, many external self storage operators have micro half-size units that are half the size of the average shipping container. This will give you 80 square foot and yes this is a bit more than the 65 square feet that you might need! 

Economic Self Storage 

When you take into account that often external self storage operators tend to be more budget-friendly in price due to the storage facilities being located in less prime city centre locations. On a positive note, you can afford to be a bit more generous with the size you reserve, giving you a bit more breathing space just in case you have underestimated how much space you might need when moving in. 

Warehouse and Mobile Storage Solutions


You also have warehouse storage and mobile storage. These spaces are typically rented by 35-square-foot wooden crates. You take multiples of these, as many or as little as you like. For example, 235 square feet in crates will give you 70 square feet which is approximately the size that you would be looking for to store the contents of a two-bedroom flat. 

Long Term Storage

Warehouse storage is quite an economical choice, particularly if you're happy to store long-term and not access your things as frequently. It can be a great alternative to the other types of self storage. Of course, if you don't have access to a vehicle then mobile storage is an excellent choice. 

Flexibility: Sizing Up or Down as Needed

Many mobile storage operators are flexible on the amount of storage space you need, even offering to store your possessions by the box even if you don't have enough to fill a full crate. It's worth noting that storage operators tend to be a friendly bunch, and if they have alternative sizes available, they are more than accommodating should you find you have gone for the wrong size or that you have slightly more stuff to store than expected. Remember, self storage is a flexible arrangement and you can size up or down as you need. Self storage is not just for long-term rental. You can even rent self storage for a few weeks if needed.


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An infographic showing the different types of self storage from external self storage, indoor rooms, wooden crates and mobile storage.
An image of a 65-square-foot self-storage unit filled with household items, including a steel double fridge, a two-seater brown sofa with yellow cushions, a jukebox, a double bed turned on its side against a wall, and various boxes and a filing cabinet.

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