How Much Storage Space do I need for a 4 Bedroom House?

By Anna Roberts

Published 11 months ago

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This article discusses the range of self storage solutions available for those who live in a four-bedroom property.

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In this article, we will be discussing the range of self storage solutions available for those who live in a four-bedroom property. This guide will be handy, especially if you are moving house, renting it out, downsizing or having the mother of all clearouts. 

Range of Storage Sizes that are suitable for a Four-Bed House

The amount of self storage you would need for a four-bedroom house ranges from 160 square feet to 200 square feet. This is based on a cross-section of industry guidance and references. 

That's quite a broad spectrum for you to choose from! Let's also consider various scenarios in which those sizes might be relevant to your situation. 

Cost Of Storage For A Four-Bed house

For storing the contents of an average 4-bedroom house, which includes items like a fridge freezer, washing machine, large sofa set, dining table and chairs, and garden equipment, a storage space of approximately 200 square feet is typically required. The costs for such a space average around £88 per week, £380 per month, or approximately £4,620 annually. However, these are average estimates and it's advisable to consult our storage size guide to determine the precise space needed for your specific requirements, ensuring that you rent a storage unit that best fits your needs.

A Small Four Bed House with no Garage or Shed

Perhaps your four-bed house doesn't have a garage or shed, or maybe the fourth bedroom is more of a small office or box room. Fear not! Self storage help is at hand. In this case, you might find with some decluttering and sorting that you can get what you need into a 160 square foot storage space. This is the typical size of a 20-foot-long shipping container which you might see on the back of a lorry going down the motorway.

Fortunately, the UK is popular for container-based or external self storage sites, where rows upon rows of 160 square-foot containers such as this can be found in external corridors. The best part is that you can drive right up to your units if you like, and load and unload your things. 

A Four Bed House with a Decent Sized Fourth Bedroom

The average size of a 4 bedroom house in the uk is 1033 sq ft, but obviously the size of its contents is smaller. 180 square feet for storage might be suited to you if you have a good-sized fourth bedroom, although you might find it a little snug if you're also intending on decamping the contents of your garage or shed. In which case it would be worth potentially upgrading to around 200 square feet, this is the average self storage unit used by people seeking to store the contents of their four-bed house. 

Mix and Match your Storage

This might mean that in fact, you take two self storage units of the same type, with slightly different sizes to make up your storage needs. Fortunately, most self storage operators are accommodating folk and if they have available units, are quite flexible in allowing you to move or take additional space within the same storage sites.

Nevertheless, in an ideal world, once you move your things in, the next time you move them out is likely to be their permanent resting place, at least for the foreseeable future. Taking stock of what things you really need to move into storage, considering how long you are intending on using them, and for what purpose is always an important consideration when choosing a self storage solution. 

A Garage, a Shed plus a Four Bedroom House

If you have a garage, a shed and a four bed house the chances are you would be better looking for something on the upper end of the spectrum in terms of self storage space. This would mean a unit of 240 square foot, or perhaps two units of 120 square foot, or one unit of 160 square foot with an extra half container that is around 80 square foot. 

You might find that once you move your things in during the transition of moving house or settling down, you can start to decamp some items or declutter and part with others in your own time. As you go through this process you might be able to hand back one of the storage units but find it useful to hang onto the remaining one for any residual bulky items. 

An Opportunity to Take Stock and give Furniture a new Lease of Life

Lots of customers find that moving house is a great opportunity to declutter and take stock of what they actually need once they are in their new home. You might have been blessed with a gorgeous suite of decorative Victorian revival tables when you got married, however, 40 years on you might find yourself hanging onto them for sentimental value. Whilst it is important to hang onto the things that you feel connected to, that doesn't mean you have to look at them every day, particularly in your new home and at the start of a fresh new chapter. 

Self storage can be a great solution for safely protecting your things until you decide that you would like to welcome them back into your home and life. Perhaps you have found an ideal spot for them to be placed and start their new lease of life or have plans to create one. You might also be fortunate in having spare furniture that can be passed on to a less suspecting family member who might appreciate donated furniture as they start their home owning journey. 

If you have any comments or suggestions about articles you would like to see featured on get in touch with our team We would love to hear from you. Happy storing :) 

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