How Big is a 15 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 7 months ago

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How Big is a 15 Square Foot Storage Unit? 

Welcome to this article in the Fundamental Series in which we will answer your burning questions about how big a 15-square-foot self-storage unit is, including how much you can store inside it in reality. The advice centre contains a wealth of guidance and tips to help you find and book the perfect self storage facility unit for you. 

What is a Self Storage Unit?

In a nutshell, a 15-square-foot self-storage unit is roughly the size of a small garden shed. Not your typical flat pack garden shed you imagine at the grandparents' house, but something a little smaller and compact. 

Key Details About a 15 Square Foot Unit

The industry standard is that you can store some items of luggage, several boxes, and even one or two appliances in this self storage unit size. 

Let's just answer a couple of other burning questions that you might have. Firstly, what is the difference between a self storage unit, a self storage room, a self storage container etc? For more advice on terminology in the world of self storage, you can check out our guide on the lingo of self storage

Comparing Indoor vs. External Outdoor Storage

Essentially different storage operators use different terms to relate to the same thing which is the space that you will be renting. 

  • For indoor self storage facility types, they often refer to them as storage rooms or units. These self storage facilities are like a hotel for your things. In effect, it's a big warehouse that is divided into lots of rooms and you have access to a personal room to safely secure your things. 

  • On the other hand, external self storage operators or container-based self storage operators can call on your self storage container if you would like your belongings checked on although this service will have to be requested. These are sometimes shipping containers or bespoke containers that are sited externally within a secure compound and you can drive right up to your unit. 

  • Typically a 15 square foot self storage unit is more commonly found in an indoor self storage facility where there is more variety of different size units. However, you might find that some external self storage operators have subdivided containers or have bespoke very small containers or lockers that give you a very similar size.

  • It's not uncommon to find that external self storage operator's containers come in slightly cheaper and therefore you can take a larger size space for the same money, therefore you can be a bit more flexible on the size you need. Some self storage container operators also divide their 10 square foot long containers into smaller units using dividers and doors.

If convenience is king and you live in a city centre, chances are you will go for an indoor self storage facility in which case you can be quite specific about the ideal size self storage room for you.

What is in a Square Foot?

The other thing to factor in is the terminology. Self storage is sold by square foot. Us Brits love clinging onto parts of the imperial system of measurement despite changing over to the metric system in 1965. Those of you on the continent might be more familiar with referring to areas in square metres. In this case, a 15 square-foot room is equivalent to 1.4 square metres. The square part of course means that if for example, you had a ten foot long by 10 foot wide self storage room, that would give you 100 square feet. To get to 15 square feet it could be a combination of any lengths and widths but you would get the same area. 

How much stuff can you store in a 15 square foot self storage unit?

When renting a self storage unit it's also important to remember to stack things on top of each other and to make the most of the space above the floor area. Check out our article on using air space written by our in-house self storage guru Lizzie. 

  • To recap it is roughly the size of a small garden shed. You should be comfortably able to fit in several items of luggage, several boxes, and maybe one or two appliances. 
  • A 15 square foot self storage unit is a great choice for a seasonal wardrobe, for example, seasonal outdoor goods or garden tools you can put away for the winter. Likewise, if you have some sporting equipment or kit, a snowboard or perhaps some skis that can stand on end this is the perfect size for you. 

Booking Your 15 Square Foot Self Storage Unit

When it comes to booking your self storage units, if you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact our friendly Welsh team 24/7 on either live chat or by giving us a call on 08000988864. You can reach us by email at


Also if you have any questions about this article or have any suggestions for future topics or have a topic you would like to know more about, please contact We would love to hear from you. Happy storing

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