How Do I Find Self Storage?

By Anna Roberts

Published 8 months ago

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Welcome to this guide all about how to go about finding self storage. This article is part of the Fundamentals Series on the advice centre, giving you all the guidance and help you need to find and book the perfect self storage space for you. 

Determine your Self Storage Needs

In this article, we will discuss how to find self storage. If you are contemplating whether you need that extra space for your precious collection, or perhaps one of life's inevitable uncertainties has left you needing self storage read on. 

Firstly you have to decide what type and size of self storage you may need before embarking on the self storage hunt. You can check out our guides on the different types of self storage, as well as our guide to the lingo and jargon of self storage. If you are not sure about the best size for you check out our size guides for more information and guidance.

Searching Online

Use Google

Well, you are here reading this article so no doubt you are no stranger to using the internet. A simple Google search will throw up the names of various self storage facilities, some of which may be close to you or where you would like to store. The search doesn't stop there! However, the Google algorithm means that the self storage facility you see at the top won't necessarily be the closest, the most convenient or the most affordable self storage for you.

Using Self Storage Websites

This means it's time for you to do your homework. If you check out each self storage operator's website you can get their details, or they may have an online form for you to complete an enquiry so that you can find out what self storage they offer and how much it is.

 Using Google My Business listings is one of the more impartial ways to identify self storage operators within your region, and not just the ones who paid more money on marketing to get visible on Google. This is important to consider as some of the lesser-known self storage operators might give you the exact solution that you need at a more competitive price than previously thought. It makes sense to shop around to get the best value for your money. 

Word of Mouth Recommendations

As the old saying goes you can't beat word of mouth, many storage operators incentivise friends' referrals to help gain new customers. If you know someone who has used self storage it might be worth asking them to share their experience before you contact different storage operators to get the information you need and gauge your options. 

Visiting Self Storage Facilities

Drive By and Call In

If you know where a self storage facility is located then you could call in. We appreciate that some self storage facilities might not look the most inviting however we guarantee that in the majority of cases, the self storage operators or the sales team at the facility will be very pleased to see you and will be more than happy to help. 

Overcoming Stereotypes 

Again there is a risk that you will only be familiar with those storage facilities that have paid a higher land premium to be in more visible locations, in this case, it may be reflected in the price. However, don't be put off, it's worth considering all of your options. Even a simple Facebook scroll could unearth some lesser known self storage facilities that you can ring up, e-mail or call in to get some information. 

Just be aware not all self  storage facilities have staff onsite all of the time. Some self storage facilities have different opening hours than others. It's worth checking this out first before setting out, but if you are passing anyway then there is no harm popping in. Finally, of course the easiest way to find self storage is to check out Your  Easy One-Stop Solution

On you can search for self storage anywhere anywhere in the country. You will be shown a list of self storage operators in your local area, or wherever you need it! They are trusted, independent self storage operators that have availability in their self storage units. 

When you select and look at each self storage facility on you are shown the actual available space. You get the price instantly. There are no quote requests, form filling or negotiations.

You can be guaranteed that you are getting the best price that will match the self storage operator when you go directly to storage operators, including any discounts that will be on it. The best part is that you can reserve the self storage unit instantly so that you know you have a space secured for your possessions. 

Further Tips and Suggestions

When you book you will be asked to select a moving day. You will be given options for move-in days set by the self storage operators themselves.

If you have any questions, or you can't find the information you require on our friendly Welsh team is here 24/7, to give you free and impartial advice with no pressure selling, so that you can decide what self storage solution is right for you and confidently book the right self storage space in an instant. 

Get in Touch

Do you have any more ideas on how you could find self storage? Feel free to share your self storage insights, tips or comments with us. Please get in touch with If you want to talk all things self storage or anything else with our team contact us at or 08000988864 or just jump on the live chat now and we'll be here to talk. 

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