How Big is a 175 Square Foot Self Storage Unit?

By Anna Roberts

Published 7 months ago

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Congratulations! You have found the only article you will ever need to help you understand what size 175 square feet of storage space looks and feels like. This article forms part of the Fundamentals Series at the advice centre giving you all the tips and guidance you need to find and book the perfect self storage space for you. 

Please remember if you are ever unsure about self storage, just contact our friendly Welsh team who are here 24/7 to offer you free and impartial experienced advice on 08000988864 or So let's get started! 

175 Square Foot vs. 160 Square Foot: Which Is Better for You?

175 Square feet of self storage space gives you approximately the right amount of space for the contents of a four-bedroom house, unlike its smaller counterparts, a 160 square foot unit, it is slightly bigger than your average-sized shipping container.  A 160-square-foot unit is like one of those 20-foot-long steel shipping containers that you would see going down the motorway on the back of a lorry for example. If you can imagine the inside of one of those, then you get the picture. A 175 square foot unit gives you a whole extra 15 square feet of space! 

Assessing Your Storage Needs: Is Your House 'Average'?

175 square feet is useful for the contents of your average four-bedroom house. Let's just consider a few fundamental questions. First, be honest with yourself. Do you live in an average four-bedroom house, or is your house a mini Buckingham Palace or stashed to the rafters with endless collections of niche curiosities or sentimental kid stuff that you just can't part with? Is your garage rammed and your shed exploding out of the door? 

Expanding or Downsizing: Tailoring Your Storage Space

You might want to think about taking a bit of extra space because that is not your average four-bedroom house. You might think about going for a larger size space or even one unit and then a smaller unit while you declutter and then maybe reduce down to a smaller size unit if you want to. 

Flexible Storage Solutions: Adapting Your Unit as Necessary

On the other hand, your four-bedroom house might be quite modest and you opt for a more minimal lifestyle. Again, in this case, as long as you have no garage packed full of things or a shed of hidden curiosities, then you might get away with 160 square feet which is as we mentioned the size of your typical 20-foot-long shipping container.

Popular Uses for 175 Square Foot Storage Units

Choosing the right size storage unit for you is subjective however if you can frame it into the context of a very average four-bedroom house without a garage or a shed that is rammed, then a 175-square-foot unit is likely to be a good space for you. It's also a handy size if you're a business with a fair amount of inventory or bulky equipment.

Self Storage Units in the UK: Square Footage vs. Square Meters

When we talk about square feet of course we're talking about the floor area. Thanks to our inability to part with the historic imperial system we still measure things in feet here in the UK. For those of you more familiar with the metric system 175 square feet is equivalent to 16 square metres. When we talk about square feet of course we talk about the length times the width to give you the square area. 

Understanding the Vertical Storage Space in Self Storage Units

It's important to remember that when you're renting self storage, you're also renting the air space above the floor area right up to the full height of the self storage unit so make sure that you stack things on top of each other and you put bags and boxes into drawers and cupboards. Be prepared to store bulky items on their side to get the most out of your space and check out our article brimming with savvy packing tips. 

Changing Unit Sizes Made Easy

Don't Stress if you have chosen the wrong size self storage unit. Most self storage operators are incredibly accommodating and provided they have the space they will be happy to let you move units potentially add an extra different-sized unit or even downsize when the time arises that you need to.  

175 square feet is quite a common self storage size in both indoor and outdoor external storage facilities. It's worth checking out our self storage type infographic below if you're not sure about the different types of self storage. For the warehouse, self storage facilities are typically rented in 35-square-foot wooden crates. 5 crates would give you roughly the size that you are looking for if you think that 175 square feet will fit the bill.    

Demystifying Storage Terminology: Units, Rooms, and Containers

When we talk about a self storage unit,room or container, it all essentially means the same thing. It's the space that you are renting exclusively for your use that is secure and personal to you. Indoor self storage facilities tend to call themselves self storage rooms or units. Warehouse storage facilities often call themselves containers crates, or even pods.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this article contact Happy storing :) 

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