How Big is a 240 Square foot Self Storage Unit ?

By Anna Roberts

Published 6 months ago

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A shipping container full of various household items including a corner sofa, cot, double bed, washing machine, sofa, desk

Hello and welcome to this article which is part of the fundamentals series on the advice centre where you can find all of the guidance and tips that you need on finding and booking the perfect self storage for you. 

We will give you approximate examples of how big a 240-square-foot unit is and what it can be used for. Our friendly Welsh team are here to help you 24/7 through the self storage advice helpline. Just call us on 08000988864 or contact and they will be happy to help.

240 Square Foot Self Storage Unit Overview

A 240 square foot self storage unit is the ideal size to store the contents of a four to five bedroom house or even a small business. For example, you may have the contents of a four bedroom house, a garage or even a shed, then a 240 square foot self storage unit or room should give you ample space for the average contents of that property.

If on the other hand, your four-bedroom house is fairly compact, or it doesn't have a garage or shed for example, then you might get away with going for a slightly smaller space and you can check out our other size guides in the advice centre. 

If you have a five-bedroom house a 240-square-foot self-storage unit could be for you, especially if you have a modest amount of items and you don't have a house that is packed to the rafters in every direction. 

Square Feet

When it comes to self storage it's typically advertised in square feet which means length times the width of the floor area. It's important to consider all of the 'airspace' above the floor area and make the most of the full volume of the self storage space. A top tip would be to try and pack things on top of each other and inside cupboards for example when it is in storage. You can read the full guide to this in our article on air space from our in-house self storage user Lizzie.

Determining Your Storage Needs

For people not familiar with the metric system, 240 square feet is equivalent to 22 square metres. To give you a rough comparison your typical shipping container that you might see on the back of a lorry, or converted into some kind of funky street food vendor, is usually 20 feet by 8 feet long, giving you 160 square feet of space. Therefore 240 square foot unit gives you an extra 80 square foot of space on top of this, which is the equivalent of half of a shipping container. 

Types of Self Storage Operators

Different types of self storage operators offer different types of spaces. An external storage unit is a type of self storage where you can drive right up to the unit or container and unload the vehicle's items directly from your vehicle into the unit itself. They tend to have full-size shipping containers of 160 square feet and often half-size shipping containers of 80 square feet. If you need 240 square feet of space, then one and a half containers, a 160 square foot and 80 square foot container, for example, would be an ideal and economical solution. 

Indoor Self Storage

Alternatively, Indoor self storage operators often divide the space into various-sized rooms. In this case, it's more like a hotel for your things, where there will be communal corridors and trolleys where you can unload your things from your vehicle, usually undercover!

It's worth checking this information out first on before you take your possessions to your room. It's normal that they might have a single room that would offer you 240 square feet of space, and often this will be serviced by double doors, to give you that extra bit of space to manoeuvre into the room itself. 

Warehouse and Mobile Storage

Warehouse and mobile storage operators typically offer space in 35 square-foot crates. This means you would need 7 wooden crates to give you the equivalent of 240 square feet. If you are hoping to emigrate and need your stuff in storage for a longer period of time, without actually needing regular access, this type of storage can be quite an economical type of solution. 

If you have any suggestions or comments on this article, please contact the Explorage team at In the meantime happy storing :) 

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