How Much Storage do I need for a 3 Bedroom House?

By Anna Roberts

Published 8 months ago

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The average contents of a three-bedroom house should fit in a self storage unit size of approximately 120 to 160 square feet. 

However, there's a big but you have to consider when deciding exactly which size to go for. Choosing the size of storage that you need for your house is very subjective. People who like to live a more minimalist lifestyle could get away with a 105-square-foot storage unit and have room to spare. Whereas if like our dear colleague Lizzie your average three-bed house includes your beekeeping kit, gardening tools, several guitars and amplifier, and an inherited 12-chair dining table, then the chances are 160 square feet, which is the typical size of a 20-foot long shipping container could be a squeeze. 

Factors to Consider

There are important considerations when you think about the contents of your three-bedroom house. 

Are you planning on moving the entirety of the contents of your house i.e. every single bed, sofa and appliance in your home into the self storage unit? Or is it just the contents that you can cope without, whilst you get the bulk of your furniture moved and put in place in your new home? The former will require a bit more space. Most people tend to find that with some economising on clutter, a 160 square foot self storage unit might just fit the bill. 

Another important question to ask yourself is does your 3-bedroom house include a garage, perhaps packed to the rafters with old memorabilia? Your husband's long-neglected motorbike and that cross trainer that you were convinced would give you the summer body you wanted. You might also have a shed. Bringing the contents of your shed to your self storage unit might also include finding space for lawnmowers, strimmers, bikes and perhaps redundant or outgrown children's paraphernalia. 

If you find yourself thinking that once you add up the contents of your three-bed house, garage and shed, your house is realistically more like a four-bed house in terms of storage capacity, you are not alone. You may want to choose a slightly larger unit, perhaps even get another unit which gives you that extra flexibility. 

What Happens if I Choose the Wrong Size?

For most storage operators choosing the wrong size unit is not a big deal. For indoor storage facilities, you may find out on the day you move in that there is no way you will fit your possessions into your storage unit or that you have got more space than you need. Most often they will have alternative rooms or additional rooms available that can cater for your extra possessions. It is simply a question of discussing this with the team at the site and seeing what they have available. Even if there isn't anything immediately available the storage operator can add you to a waiting list to transfer. Similarly, for container, or external self storage sites, they are usually happy to let you move unit sizes, take additional units or reduce your unit sizes during your occupation, subject to availability. Since containers seem to come in standard sizes of 80 square feet, 160 square feet and 240 square feet you might have the benefit of being able to scale up or scale down to specifically suit what you need. 

It is worth bearing in mind that moving your possessions into a storage unit takes a lot of effort and we don't underestimate that you don't want to be doing this, particularly amid other big life events such as moving house. That's where the Explorage Self Storage Size Guide could come in useful. Check it out here and if you want to further discuss your requirements feel free to give our friendly storage advisers a call at 08000988864 they will be more than happy to discuss your self storage questions anytime day or night. 

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