How Big is a 100 Square Foot Storage Unit in Reality?

By Anna Roberts

Published 8 months ago

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A 100 square foot storage unit containing a  black home gym bench press, a desk and chair set, a filing cabinet, boxes and the explorage teddy

The 100 square foot self storage unit is one of the most popular sizes for self storage and probably the easiest to relate to. Just imagine a typical single garage that you might have attached to your house or in a communal lock-up. This is roughly 100 square foot. Don't just take our word for it! Self storage operators up and down the land often use this comparison to describe this space.

What can I Store in a 100 square foot Self Storage Unit?

Typically this size of self storage unit is often used by people wanting to store the contents of a two-bedroom house, for example. Having said that as with anything storage size-wise, this is subjective and depends on how tightly packed your two-bedroom house is and also if you have a garage or a shed. 

100 square foot unit will also be handy for a sofa, a double bed standing on end, a bookshelf and a dining table. You might decide to store appliances in it. You will be able to squeeze in plenty of boxes and bags around the more bulky items.

Check out our guide on how to pack your self storage unit for valuable tips on making the most of your space whilst also being able to get at the things you need when you need them, making life a lot easier.

Don't be Afraid to Switch Storage Size 

Most storage operators are incredibly accommodating, and, subject to availability, would be happy to allow you to change self storage unit sizes, if you do find that 100 square foot isn't quite right for you. For those unfamiliar with square foot sizes, perhaps you are not accustomed with the metric as the imperial unit of measurement that we still partly refer to here in the UK. 100 square foot is equivalent to 9.29 square metres.

In other words, if for example, you had a 10-foot long by 10-foot wide space, this would give you 100 square foot. In metres that would be 3.04 metres by 3.04 metres. That's not to say that the self storage itself will be those dimensions since different self storage operators have their space divided in different ways according to the constraints of their particular site.

 You can rest assured that if you are reserving 100 square foot of self storage space, 100 square foot is what you will get. If you have any comments on this article or have any suggestions for future articles, just get in touch with us at or give us a call at 0800 098 8864. Happy storing :) 

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