Storage Insider: Innovations and Strategies in Self Storage Security

By Anna Roberts

Published 1 month ago

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Twitter X Logo founder and CEO Anna Roberts recently interviewed Adrian Standerwick, founder and owner of North Wales based CCTV design, supply and fit company Active CCTV.

In this next instalment of 'Storage Insider' we look at innovations and strategies in self storage security, the critical importance of security in self storage facilities, and the pivotal role of trust and reputation in the self storage industry.

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Trust in Storage Solutions

Anna and Adrian's discussion reinforced the direct impact that security has on a storage facility's reputation. 

They both argued that poor security measures could deter any potential customers, fearful of theft and loss of their belongings. Adrian comments on the critical role of security in building trust between both storage operator and customer:

“If you neglect the security on your site... it's going to go around pretty sharpish. The fact that you're not to be trusted"

Advocating for robust security systems, including advanced hybrid CCTV solutions, which are essential not just for protecting assets but for fostering consumer confidence and ensuring compliance with stringent regulations like GDPR.

Security is not just a logistical or technical requirement in the industry, but also a foundation in customer relationship and business integrity.

Marketing and Reputation

The effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing in the self storage industry cannot be overstated.

Both agreed that a strong security record boosts a facility's reputation, propelling organic growth through positive customer experiences and referrals.

Adrian discusses the specifics of how advanced security technology not only secures the premises but also acts as a selling point to potential customers.

He mentions the installation of hybrid cameras with built-in white light, explaining:

"So from an identification point of view... the monitoring station now can see the guys in the yellow jacket, as the police are coming to respond, they see a guy walking down the road in a yellow jacket"

Illustrating how cutting-edge technology can be leveraged as a unique selling proposition, amplifying the facility's appeal by offering superior security options.

Though the specifics of advanced security technology can act as a selling point to potential customers, Adrian reminds us that when security measures are neglected it has it's impact:

"If you neglect the security on your site, whether that be with a barrier, whether that be with access control, whether that would be with a security alarm, or whether it be with CCTV. That has to have importance because you know yourself, the best and worst form of marketing is word of mouth"

Highlighting how security is directly linked to the facility's reputation and, by extension, its marketability.

Advanced Security Solutions

Adrian went on to discuss the technical specifics and advantages of hybrid cameras which integrates traditional CCTV with additional features like built-in white lights:

"With the new camera that are coming out, it's got a built in white light, which illuminates the area. So you can now actually see that the guy's actually wearing a yellow jacket, for sake of argument, red trousers"

With these technological advancements, they can significantly enhance the capabilities of security systems in identifying intruders, providing a safer environment for stored items.

Another practical benefit of these advancements during night-time monitoring is the installation of infrared cameras. Not only does this advancement improve the quality of surveillance, but also helps with real-time security monitoring, allowing for quicker responses to security breaches.

In addition to discussing the technical aspects, Adrian touches on compliance and industry standards. The need for self storage facilities to not only invest in advanced technology but also ensure that their security measures comply with legal standards, further solidifies the facility's reputation for safety and professionalism.

Adrian mentions one of the services that Active CCTV provides to ensure that a storage facility's security measures comply with legal standards:

"A lot of companies don't have a CCTV policy. So what we're able to do is we're actually able to provide them with a CCTV policy template, which they can then put their own letter heading on."

Strengthening Partnerships

Adrian talks about collaboration with monitoring companies, illustrating how such partnerships can enhance service quality and business operations. He states:

"We set it up and we schedule the system, and we alarm the areas that need to be alarmed to send notifications straight through."

This seamless integration between installation and monitoring services is important when it comes to collaborative efforts in providing comprehensive security solutions.

The discussion also touches on networking benefits within the industry. Adrian mentions connections made through platforms like LinkedIn, which have facilitated partnerships that extend their service capabilities across different aspects of security. He comments:

"It was during COVID in 2020 where I was spending quite a lot of time on LinkedIn, and I connected with a guy... at the time we didn't really do any monitored sites because we weren't that involved with self-storage"

These connections often lead to mutual referrals and business growth, demonstrating the value of a strong professional network in the security industry.

Advice for Storage Operators

Adrian provided actionable advice for storage operators on adopting budget-friendly yet effective CCTV solutions. He emphasised the importance of understanding market needs and adapting growth strategies accordingly to capture new opportunities.

Adrian stresses the importance of providing solutions that align with the client's budgetary constraints while ensuring flawless security:

"We're always conscious of people's budget. If we can save them money... And there's not many companies that I know out there that actively look to."

Adrian's approach not only addresses the immediate need for security but also considers the financial sustainability of the solution for storage operators, particularly those just starting out or operating on tighter budgets.

Adrian mentions his company's strategic focus on specializing solely in CCTV rather than a broad range of security systems. This specialization allows his team to provide high expertise and better service in this area:

"It's something that we've consciously decided to do rather than trying to be a jack of all, where we do alarms and we do fire and we do access and we do barriers and everything else, we just specialize in CCTV"

Adrian's blend of technical expertise and strategic business advice provides a comprehensive guide for storage operators looking to invest wisely in their security infrastructure.

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Are you in the self storage industry and are looking for a security partner that understands your needs and stays at the forefront of technological and security trends? Consider reaching out to Adrian at Active CCTV.

Visit their website today or contact Adrian to learn how Active CCTV can help secure your facility.

Contact Active CCTV today:

Tel: 01492 547997



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We offer a range of services all provided by our friendly and experienced in-house team.

If you're interested in learning more about this service, contact our Network and Partnerships Manager Jaqui Jeffries at:

You can watch Anna's full interview with Adrian below:

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