Storage Insider: AI Software Innovating the Self Storage Industry

By Anna Roberts

Published 1 month ago

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Twitter X Logo Founder and CEO Anna Roberts recently interviewed Martin Wild, Co-founder and Managing Director of the AI-powered self-storage software company KINNOVIS.

In this next instalment of 'Storage Insider' we look at the transformative impact of KINNOVIS's fully automated self storage software solution, and how KINNOVIS addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within the self storage industry, fuelled by first-hand experience in establishing their own storage facilities in Vienna.

Innovation from Necessity

KINNOVIS stands as evidence to innovation driven by necessity. Martin shared the journey with Anna:

"We started our own facilities in Vienna... in building the self storage facility, we said we need to build our own software solution as well... there was none on the market that would really fit our requirements... fully digital, in our case unmanned but fully automated."

Martin and his team recognised a significant gap in the market: the lack of a software solution that could fully meet their operational needs. The gap was not minor; it was a critical hindrance to achieving the level of automation and efficiency they aimed for their storage facilities.

Instead of settling for subpar options, they went on to create their own software, moving towards not just solving their own problem but also offering a new solution to the industry at large.

Not looking for a stopgap; they sought a comprehensive, fully automated solution that could revolutionize how self storage facilities operate. The creation of KINNOVIS's software wasn't just about filling a void in the market; it was about redefining what was possible in the self storage industry, making way for more efficient, scalable, and customer-friendly operations.

Advice for Storage Operators

When asked about advice for storage operators considering investing in or changing their software, Martin emphasises the importance of selecting a future-proof solution with the evolving landscape of the self storage industry:

"It's very important to closely look at the software to test it yourself... choose a software that's future-proof, that is not stuck in the past and does regular updates"

The call to action here is for operators to engage with the technology they consider integrating into their own operations. Testing the software personally allowing them to experience first-hand whether the solution aligns with their specific requirements and whether it adapts to future trends and needs.

'Future-proof' software solution suggests selecting a system that is built with an eye towards future developments, regularly updates to incorporate new features, complies with regulations, and integrates with advancing technologies. This means that self storage facility can remain competitive, efficient, and aligned with its customers expectations over time.

The Transition to KINNOVIS

KINNOVIS's software solution represents a crucial moment for self-storage operators, addressing common concerns about switching software systems with a focus on simplicity and support.

Martin's assurance to storage operators contemplating the shift to KINNOVIS is rooted in it's comprehensive support structure that prioritises ease of integration and minimal operational disruption. He explains:

"It's a very straightforward process... We take the customer by the hand so you will not be left alone... This way we've always had success so far with importing the data."

This approach demystifies the often daunting aspect of data migration and system overhaul, presenting it as a managed, step-by-step journey rather than a leap into the unknown. By ensuring that clients are not 'left alone' and that there is a clear path to success, KINNOVIS not only eases the fear but also builds trust.

This trust is crucial, as it speaks to the reliability and customer-centric nature of KINNOVIS's service offering. The success Martin mentions in relation to data importation reassures potential clients of the technical proficiency and experience of the KINNOVIS team.

Opportunity for Small Family Businesses

The self storage industry presents a fast growing opportunity for small family businesses, a point Martin passionately makes during the conversation.

This sector, characterised by its growth and dynamic market demands, opens the door for smaller businesses to carve out their niche and thrive alongside larger players:

"The market is still growing very fast... It's really an opportunity even for small family businesses to still get inside the market" an important narrative of accessibility and potential within the industry.

Small family businesses, often defined by limited resources and competing against larger chains, can leverage the growth in the self storage industry as a catalyst for expansion and success. The key to this potential lies in embracing innovation and efficiency, particularly through adopting software solutions like KINNOVIS that enable operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

By adopting technologies that streamline operations and enhance user experiences, small businesses can effectively compete, offering personalised services that differentiate them in a crowded market.

The adaptability and scalability of solutions like KINNOVIS's software mean that small family-owned businesses can grow at their own pace, expanding their services and footprint in the market without the need for significant upfront investments in technology infrastructure.

Anna and Martin not only showcased the innovative edge of KINNOVIS in their conversation, but also delved into the broader implications and opportunities within the self storage industry. KINNOVIS's journey from a solution crafted out of personal necessity to a market-leading software underscores the potential for technology to drive efficiency, adaptability, and growth in the self storage industry.

If you're thinking about transitioning to KINNOVIS's software for your facility or want to learn more, you can visit their website an book a demo or get in touch with their team where they can personally tell you more about KINNOVIS:


Tel: 07909 159 186

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If you're interested in learning more about this service, contact our Network Manager Jaqui Jeffries at:

You can watch Anna's full interview with Martin below:

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