Self Storage Insider: Revolutionising Relocation

By Anna Roberts

Published 6 months ago

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How Help for Movers and are Transforming Moving and Self Storage

Moving house is often considered one of the most stressful life events, but the 'Queen of Moving' Lisa Rogerson, Founder of the moving guide, 'Help For Movers' is turning that idea on its head and changing the way we think about the stress of relocation.  

In this interview, Lisa shares her wealth of experience with founder Anna Roberts, sharing how her love for moving and life experiences inspired her to create a unique moving guide that has helped countless people navigate the complexities of moving house and relocation. 

The Driving Force Behind Help for Movers

Growing up as a child with a family in the removal industry, Lisa witnessed firsthand the challenges people face when moving house. When her children left home, she decided to channel her experience and expertise into something that would truly make a difference. Lisa's moving guide isn't just a collection of tips and checklists, it's a comprehensive resource that covers everything from packing boxes to updating the address on your pet's microchip. Lisa enthuses, 'It's all about planning and preparation. The more you can do to prepare the less stressful it is and the small details can make a big difference."


Moving house isn't the only time people find themselves in need of a helping hand. This is where Explorage comes in, offering an innovative online marketplace for self-storage. Just as Lisa's moving guide simplifies the moving process, Explorage makes finding and reserving self-storage a breeze. With just a few clicks, customers can access a range of self storage options and reserve their space instantly. 

It is not just people who move house and relocate who need self storage either, as it can be used for a variety of practical, seasonal purposes, 'I was talking to a customer the other day,' Anna explained, 'and it was literally someone who wanted a place where they could swap their summer wardrobe and kit with their winter wardrobe and coats' 

Journeys into Entrepreneurship

Lisa and Anna share a lot of similarities between their businesses and their motivations for taking the leap into entrepreneurship and helping people and solving problems is at the core of it. 

Lisa desired something for herself and to be her own boss after being a military wife and raising a family for 25 years. Lisa describes her motivation for starting Help for Movers and becoming a woman in business. She wanted to make her mark, 'I wanted to start a business for myself, where I could call the shots and run it around my lifestyle.' Lisa's work is motivated by passion and entrepreneurial leaders have recognised this as she has received awards from Dragons Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold CBE the MD of Anne Summers, 'I do believe that you work harder when you work for yourself and if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work anyway!'

Anna shares her journey from corporate into entrepreneurship, 'When I was growing up I always wanted to become a Chartered Surveyor. When I became chartered I wanted to work for the best company I could work for, and I did. I got to that point in my career and I thought why isn't this itch being scratched anymore?' Anna's journey then took a turn into the world of self storage when she noticed people travelling to and from the city with sports kit and equipment whilst living on Anglesey. 'I thought to myself, why can't they store it in a storage facility on Angelsey instead of taking it back and forth and cramming it into their flats? Then I noticed that there is a lot of self storage around. As I did more research I unearthed the self storage industry and I thought this could solve the problem' 

The Evolving World of Self Storage

Lisa and Anna discuss the various ways people use self-storage, it becomes clear that this industry is evolving to meet the needs of modern consumers. From storing sports equipment in city apartments to keeping belongings safe during a home renovation, self-storage is becoming an increasingly popular solution for a range of situations.

Anna has always had a passion for helping people since she was young and she saw an opportunity in self storage 'You are empowering and helping people at an important time in their lives when they could be going through a divorce or moving house.' Anna and Lisa have a common mission, both businesses are ultimately about helping people during challenging times and making their lives a little bit easier. 

Whether you're moving house or simply need a bit more space, Lisa's moving guide and Explorage's self-storage marketplace are there to help you navigate the process with ease. As Lisa says, "It's not rocket science, but it's the small things that can make a big difference." So, the next time you find yourself facing a move or in need of extra storage, remember that help is just a click away!

Connecting with Customers: The Role of Social Media 

When it comes to engaging with customers, social media plays a significant role and Lisa comments lightheartedly, ' As you know I am everywhere on social media!' Despite its bad press, social media is a powerful tool that can foster strong connections. utilises various social platforms to reach out to customers, ensuring we're always just a click away.

Word of mouth and attending industry events like the Movers and Storers conference are invaluable ways to connect and make meaningful contacts. The self-storage and removal industry is known for its close-knit, friendly community, with many family-owned businesses that add a personal touch to the service.

A Human Approach to Technology

At, we prioritise treating our customers as individuals rather than just sales opportunities and Help for Movers is no different. Both Anna and Lisa agree that there's no room for compromise when it comes to customer satisfaction. Lisa explains, 'Customer service needs to be fantastic. Your customers are so important.'

Explorage's commitment to excellent customer service extends to the technology used and Anna is passionate about taking a customer-facing, human approach, even with technology. Anna explains, 'There are tools out there to help you maintain that very personal relationship' 'You probably see more of us than other technology companies on social media. Technology is the enabler and without the people, you wouldn't have the technology in the first place.' Whatever the outcome of a call at, meeting customers halfway, having a conversation and treating them as human beings is essential, 'because maybe what we are selling isn't the right thing at that moment in time'.

Lisa shares a similar view about the human touch in technology, 'It's about being honest as well. When we were moving a few weeks ago it was all automated and there was no phone number. Sometimes I just want to pick up the phone and speak to somebody.' 

Embracing a Family Touch

One of the unique aspects of the self-storage and removal industry is the prevalence of family-owned businesses. Lisa agrees with this personal touch, 'That is why family business, especially removals do well, because it is that personal touch,' she then goes on, 'Our family moving your family is such a lovely feeling. You don't want to be a number, you want to feel important and feel that you matter.' While tools and technology can enhance the customer experience, they should never replace the human element.

These businesses often excel in delivering a personal touch that makes customers feel valued and understood. It's a feeling that can't be replicated by larger, more corporate entities. This family-oriented approach is something we value and strive to incorporate into our business model at

How Explorage is Embracing the Self Storage Revolution

Anna is delighted to have a team who are equally enthusiastic about the positive applications of self storage. Members of the team have their personal belongings in self storage units, proving just how much they relate to and understand the dilemma faced by countless individuals and families. Explorage is continuously listing storage operators from all over the country and even working with removal companies to offer referrals and extended services. There is a strong relationship between removals and storage, with many companies offering both services or exploring the possibilities of entering the storage space.

Explorage's innovative approach extends to listing non-traditional storage options, such as wooden storage containers housed in warehouses. This is a great alternative for customers who may be travelling or emigrating for extended periods and don't require frequent access to their belongings. Thanks to Lisa's useful insights Explorage is also interested in working with military family associations to provide storage solutions for families with overseas postings. The aim is to ease the burden on military families and offer them a practical solution during their moves.

It is clear from this interview that Explorage and Help for Movers know that self storage and moving is about people helping people. Building relationships, embracing innovation, and maintaining a personal touch is key to success in the self-storage industry. Whether you're looking for a classic storage unit or something a bit out of the box, we're here to make it easy with a human touch. 


Get in Touch

Explorage is more than just a self-storage listing platform, it's a community of passionate individuals dedicated to solving a common problem faced by many. At, we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience, whether they're seeking storage solutions or looking to lease their space. So, if you require self-storage services, don't hesitate to reach out to us at we're here to help you every step of the way! 

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