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blue self storage Tyneside

North Shields

- 3.29 miles from search

  • Drive right up to your unit
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from £18.46 for 50ft2

to £38.07 for 160ft2


Doree Bonner International Newcastle


- 3.4 miles from search

  • Warehouse container perfect for long term storage
  • Optional collection/delivery
  • 24hr surveillance

Weekly Price (inc. VAT)

Available to reserve now

Warehouse Container (wooden)

£16.8 for 35ft2


Your Comprehensive Guide to Moving to Tyne & Wear: From Housing to Simplified Self Storage on

The Housing Landscape

Before embarking on your move to the dynamic Tyne & Wear, let's explore the local housing market. Recent data reveals an average house price around £180,000, marking Tyne & Wear as a notably affordable region in the UK, especially when compared to its counterparts.

Demographics and Employment Opportunities

Tyne & Wear houses a varied demographic mix, from students to professionals and families, making it a cultural hotbed of activity. Major employers in the region, including the NHS, University of Newcastle, and Nissan, facilitate a wide spectrum of job opportunities.

Transport Links

Tyne & Wear's strategic positioning along the A1 and A19 motorways makes it conveniently accessible. These motorways are the lifeblood of the region, connecting it to other UK cities, thereby facilitating commuting and recreational travel.

Prime Residential Areas

Choosing your home in Tyne & Wear might be challenging given the multitude of incredible options. The bustling Newcastle upon Tyne is popular for its vivacious arts scene and historic charm. South Shields, on the other hand, provides a tranquil coastal living experience with scenic beach views.

Food, Social Scene, and Schools

After settling down, you'll want to immerse yourself in Tyne & Wear's food and social sphere. Newcastle's Grey Street is a gastronomic hub with an array of restaurants, pubs, and cafés. South Shields' Colman's Seafood Temple is a seafood enthusiast's paradise.

For families, schools like Newcastle School for Boys, West Jesmond Primary, and Church High School offer an excellent educational foundation.

The Role of Self Storage in Your Move

Now, onto a critical yet often overlooked aspect of moving – self storage ! Here's how it can be a game-changer:

Space Management

Moving logistics can be complex, particularly when you have a multitude of belongings. Regardless of your new home's size in Tyne & Wear, self-storage units can provide the additional space you need during your transition.

Transition Periods

During periods when you're caught between leaving your old home and settling into the new one, self storage can be a lifesaver. Store your items securely and maintain peace of mind while you handle other moving tasks.

Renovations and Redecorations

In case your new Tyne & Wear home needs some sprucing up, self-storage units can protect your furniture and belongings from potential damage during the makeover.

Seasonal Storage

Given the UK's diverse weather, some items like winter gear, garden furniture, or holiday decorations may not be needed throughout the year. Self storage provides a practical solution for such seasonal items, helping keep your living space clutter-free. is your go-to platform if you need self storage in Tyne & Wear. Our user-friendly website allows you to search, compare, and book self storage units instantly. With filters for size, location, and price, you can find a storage solution that suits your needs perfectly.

To sum it up, Tyne & Wear offers a mix of vibrant opportunities, from employment to leisure activities. Its accessible transport links and affordable housing make it a standout choice. The added convenience of's self storage marketplace ensures you can manage your belongings efficiently during your move. So, why wait? Embrace the diverse offerings of Tyne & Wear and let make your moving process smoother. for Self Storage 


Frequenty asked questions

How much does self storage cost in Tyne & Wear?


The price of a self storage unit in Tyne and Wear is influenced by a range of factors. These include its proximity to transport links, the unit's size, and the kind of storage provided. For instance, a conventional 160sqft external storage unit, similar in size to a 20ft shipping container, might cost about £38 weekly, VAT inclusive. On, we keep it simple, the prices you see are the standard rates including VAT. Furthermore, our affiliated storage operators in Tyne and Wear maintain the same discounts as you would get if you were dealing with them directly. This aspect allows for immediate bookings, assuring you that you are enjoying a price guarantee. Storage operators usually provide initial discounts, which can be highly beneficial for short-term storage plans. However, if you foresee using the storage unit beyond the discounted period, it is recommended to review the standard prices to get a grasp of the continuing costs.

What is the minimum term I can rent a storage unit for in Tyne & Wear?


Similar to other parts of the UK, self storage in Tyne and Wear typically operates on a flexible rolling contract basis. This gives you the liberty to rent for as long or short a duration as required. However, do bear in mind the standard notice periods necessary to terminate your contract, typically around four weeks. It's quite usual for storage operators to provide incentives encouraging customers to commit to and prepay for longer-term contracts, like a year. In case you opt for such a plan, the specific terms of that contract will apply. As with any contractual agreement, it's always wise to carefully review the Terms and Conditions before entering a storage contract to ensure you fully understand your responsibilities and rights.

Is Tyne and Wear self storage secure?


Like their counterparts across the UK, self storage facilities in Tyne and Wear utilise unique security procedures and insurance policies to maximise the protection of your belongings. Detailed information about each storage operator's security measures can be readily accessed on If you have any queries or require further information, feel free to reach out to us. We're always at your service, and are happy to assist you in any way possible.

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